In an instant, Elizabeth Benson’s life changed forever. She was driving the streets of Illinois at night with her six-year-old daughter, Jennine. Suddenly, Benson lost control of her vehicle as it hydroplaned across the moist road. The vehicle careened out of control and smashed into an area between a pair of trees. The car was destroyed, and the young, beautiful mother drifted out of consciousness.

While her mother was debilitated, Jennine took over. Because she was safely secured in the backseat, the little girl was unhurt during the devastating crash. Jennine could tell that her mother was gravely hurt, and she was determined to do everything in her power to save her.

As it turned out, Jennine was able to escape the mangled car and seek help for Elizabeth. She wandered out to the road looking for passersby. Although it was after 10 pm and the sky was dark, a Good Samaritan, Trina Martinez, saw the headlights of the car in the bushes.

While Trina thought about ignoring it, she knew it was not right. She pulled over to see if she could get to the bottom of the mystery. That’s why little Jennine came into view and got Trina to help. With the pair working together, Elizabeth was taken to a hospital where she continues to be in rough shape. But she is alive!

The family desperately hopes to raise the money needed to help Elizabeth make a full recovery. They’ve launched a GoFundMe page to generate donations to their cause. Here’s what they wrote on the page:

“Elizabeth was involved in a serious car crash on 9/11/20 when her car hydroplaned in the rain and ran off the road and wrapped around a tree. While she sustained serious injuries, her 6-year-old daughter Jennine who was in the car, was unscathed (thank GOD). Both were wearing their seat belt. She is a smart little girl and got out of the car and waved down a passerby, who called 911 and stayed to comfort her until first responders arrived at the scene. Elizabeth was extracted from the vehicle and transported to the hospital on life support.

“She fractured her pelvis in 5 places, broke her tailbone, 4 ribs, which collapsed her left lung and perforated her spline and caused serious internal bleeding. She also shattered her shoulder blade. She was rushed into surgery, and her spline was removed, and her internal injuries were tended to, and she received 4 pints of blood. She spent 6 days in intensive care and was released from the hospital 3 days later and is now receiving home care. It is expected to be a long and painful recovery – she is wheelchair bound and, due to her shoulder injury, cannot propel herself, nor can she get in or out of her wheelchair without assistance. She is not expected to be walking for up to 6 months without a walker.

“We are asking for assistance so that all of her needs can be met, Jennine’s activities can be covered, and her bills can be paid while she recovers. There is a cost involved in all of the items needed for her care, and it has proven to put a financial constraint on the household, which is now not able to work full time due to her constant 24/7 care.”

What do you think about this little hero saving her mother?

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