When a little girl found a pimple growing on her skin, her parents thought it was nothing to worry about. Although they felt that the little girl was a bit too young to be getting her first pimple, they ignored it, figuring it would go away in a matter of days. However, the little girl’s family soon discovered that the pimple was not a pimple at all but a rare form of cancer that put the tiny girl’s life in danger – and would cost the family so much money in health care costs.

Now that the family is desperately trying to support the little girl as she fights the rare form of cancer, they have put out a plea to the public to help raise the necessary funds to get the doctors to do the work. People have called the little girl a “hero” for bravely facing down the deadly disease and facing it off with gusto and courage like a person ten times her age.

The “pimple” was not a pimple at all but a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that put the girl’s life in jeopardy. The deadly form of cancer now makes every day the girl is alive a victory as it has the power to take everything away from her in the blink of an eye.

The pimple first appeared on Lynden Smith’s skin back in the summer of 2019. Her family didn’t think anything of it, as it was just a common pimple. But it turned out that the young girl’s skin problem was so much. Smith’s mother, 33-year-old Amanda, and her father, 50-year-old Dan, remember when she ran into their bedroom to show off the “first pimple” she had developed, which was on her lower back.

But when the pimple did not go away a week later, Lynden’s parents started to worry. That’s when mom Amanda decided it was time to get a doctor to look at the growth on their daughter’s back. And the doctor didn’t think anything of it either, prescribing medicine for an “infected hair follicle.” But it was so much worse than that.

Days later, Lynden started experiencing other symptoms. She had swelling in her right groin, so doctors took samples and sent them to a lab. By July, the little girl was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Lynden could have been terrified by her life-threatening diagnosis. Instead, she took a deep breath and asked her mother if she could donate her savings to the children’s cancer charity box at her local McDonald’s restaurant. Her mother agreed and was so proud that her daughter was able to face the disease with so much bravery.

Soon a movement called Lynden’s Lotuses was created, which has raised nearly $60,000 for cancer research. Lynden is making a difference, although she’s stricken with cancer.

What do you think about the contribution this little girl is making to the world despite her cancer diagnosis? Is she someone, more people, should celebrate as an example of a true hero in America?

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