The devastating loss of four-year-old Demi Williams, who tragically drowned in a South Carolina resort pool, has prompted her heartbroken family to take legal action against the vacation destination. Their lawsuit against the Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark comes in the wake of two other child drownings at the same location within a span of just three years.

On April 1, 2021, Demi Williams lost her life in a drowning incident during a family trip to the Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark. According to reports, there was allegedly no lifeguard present at the pool where the tragedy occurred. Demi’s mother, Destiny Morgan, initially faced charges of neglect related to her daughter’s death, though these charges were later dropped. Subsequently, Morgan decided to pursue legal action against the resort, citing inadequate safety measures around the pool area.

Expressing her anguish, Morgan emphasized the urgency of implementing measures to prevent such incidents from recurring. “Something has to be done,” she asserted in an interview with NBC News. “I have to do something in honor of my child to make sure that this never happens again.”

The harrowing events unfolded on the second night of the family’s vacation, as Demi and her older siblings enjoyed the resort’s pool facilities. Despite Morgan’s vigilance, tragedy struck when Demi went missing, eventually being found unresponsive in another pool on the premises. The absence of security cameras around the pools has left unanswered questions about the circumstances leading to Demi’s drowning, though Morgan suspects her daughter may have slipped and fallen.

Efforts to resuscitate Demi were hampered by the lack of essential life-saving equipment, such as defibrillators, at the poolside. Despite the valiant attempts of guests, including a nurse, to revive the young girl, Demi was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Morgan’s lawsuit against the resort underscores her determination to seek justice for her daughter’s untimely death and to prevent similar tragedies in the future. She has raised concerns about the resort’s alleged disregard for human life, highlighting the absence of lifeguards, defibrillators, and adequate surveillance.

While the Crown Reef resort maintains compliance with state safety laws, Morgan argues that mere signage is insufficient to ensure guest safety. Her legal team is advocating for enhanced safety protocols, including increased staffing, better lighting, and stricter pool regulations.

The tragic loss of Demi Williams has left an indelible mark on her family, who continue to grapple with grief and trauma. Despite the dropped charges against her, Morgan remains haunted by the events of that fateful night, as do her surviving children, who pray fervently for their departed sister’s return.

As the legal battle unfolds, Morgan hopes that her lawsuit will prompt the resort to prioritize guest safety and prevent further tragedies. Her attorneys emphasize the need for proactive measures to avert future incidents, stressing that Demi’s death should serve as a catalyst for meaningful change in the resort’s safety standards.