A desperate dad posted a note on his door for Halloween night that has the internet going crazy. The “creepy” note was this man’s way of trying to pick up the numerous hot moms who go out trick-or-treating with their children for Halloween across the country. Although children were the ones ringing his doorbell, the desperate dad put up the note so any “single, hot mom” could respond to his request for a date on the night of Halloween.

The controversial note stated, “Don’t care how much candy you take, but if you have a hot, single mom leave her number, love your future dad.”

The note was considered highly awkward since the man was trying to offer candy to children while also trying to get them to give him access to their hot moms.

Although the internet largely agreed that the man’s note was “completely cringeworthy,” they also agreed that his candy selection was terrible. The man was offering children candies like Life Savers and Starbursts which are largely considered to not be the best possible candy someone can get for Halloween trick-or-treating.

Online critics believed that the man’s candy selection was proof enough of why he is a single man looking for a desperate date on Halloween night. Because he was offering rather sad candy to the children who were trick-or-treating in his neighborhood, they felt that he would not be a good match for many “hot” women due to his lackluster candy selection.

The desperate dad is thought to be located in the United States although now the entire world has seen the image of his creepy Halloween note. Many people from around the world have commented on his candy selection like one woman from New Zealand who wrote, “Not with that lolly selection.”

Another person wrote, “You might as well be handing out raisins and precut apple slices with that selection.”

Another person from New Zealand added, “With lollies like that I am sure my kid didn’t even read the note properly, she would have just skipped to the next house.”

Clearly, people are not impressed with the man’s candy selection. Therefore, they feel that he is not the type of man who would be able to attract a single hot mom on a busy Halloween night.

One mother questioned the man’s integrity since he was trying to win over the mothers of his “future children” with sugar sweets and not kindness or other strengths.

“If you are trying to be a kid’s future dad maybe break out the king size or at least Reese’s,” she wrote.

Another mom said, “This wouldn’t work, my kids would clear you out of lollies and bail, better off on Tinder.”

Although most people agreed that this man’s ploy to find a desperate single mom would not work, some people did seem rather interested and posted as much online.

“Hot single mum here,” wrote one person. “Looking for a hot single dad.”

One person tagged their friend on a comment that said, “Damn we needed this one I would have left your number permission or not.”