Evelin Roldán never really liked her job at the Polo Supermarket in Rafaela, Argentina. However, she showed up to her shifts and felt that she had done an adequate job. Nevertheless, her managers disagreed. Evelin was fired from her position at the supermarket and then went into a rage. She confessed that she could “barely contain her anger” when she was fired and went about smashing all the wine bottles stored in the grocery store – and her outburst was captured on camera.

Apparently, the discussion between Evelin and the store owners became so heated and confrontational that the owners picked up the phone and called the local cops. Before the police were able to arrive, Evelin cleared out multiple shelves of wine bottles, smashing them to the ground. She also threw bottles of wine across the aisle and down on the ground. She was trying to cause as much damage as possible after she heard the news that she would no longer be employed at the grocery store.

Evelin, 25, was later arrested for all of the damage she caused to the Argentina grocery store.

Local media outlets obtained a statement from Evelin after the destruction of the store. She said that she was caught in a “state of rage” after being fired and that the video, which is only eight seconds long, does not reveal the entire picture of what happened that day in the grocery store.

“I hope to be able to have a place to tell the other side of the conflict, as they did when they sent videos and incomplete information, pretending to be totally unaware of what happened,” she wrote.

Evelin claimed that the damage she caused at the grocery store was hardly compared to the horrific treatment she received from the bosses while she was working at the establishment.

She wrote about how she “was blinded by anger, anger at the injustices I experienced inside, accepting the mistreatment, the challenges, being put down, and even ‘slaps’ or insults.”

She added that she was fired from her job without a good reason. The boss simply let her go “without justification, ignoring me and running me from the place without wanting to give me at least one reason.”

Despite her anger, Evelin recognizes that she was “wrong” to cause so much damage.

“I was a good employee, respectful, always available because from cleaning floors to cutting cold cuts or serving a box, I did it with great enthusiasm.”

Evelin is prepared to seek action against her former employers through legal channels, although it is not yet clear what form that will take.

“Injustices are sometimes not seen on the other side, and all those things played against me when I reacted,” she said. “For now, I wanted the people who saw the video and gave their opinion without knowing to know that there are many things behind such a big nervous breakdown.”