If you thought McDonald’s gave their American customers the best choices on menus, think again. McDonald’s has recently been EXPOSED for feeding their French customers “way better” choices on the menu, which has sparked outrage among loyal American fans. Because there is nothing more American than McDonald’s and what it stands for, it has shocked American consumers that the burger chain is feeding Americans second-rate products while shipping all the good stuff across the Atlantic Ocean to French buyers who are eating up the offering without realizing how good they have it.

TikTok users are the ones who broke this story. Not only are people vowing to visit France to experience the culture, but they want to go so they can eat the best of what McDonald’s has to offer. Once you see what the chain is selling to their French consumers, you’ll be as jealous as all the critics on the Chinese-created TikTok app.

Elliot Norris was the original person to cause fans of McDonald’s to throw a temper tantrum over the menu choices. Norris has often shared content exposing Americans to the truth about how much better people aboard have fast food. With options that blow America’s greasy items out of the water, you’ll wonder why McDonald’s just doesn’t give us France’s menu.

At the French McDonald’s location, Norris walks into a beautiful building equipped with a full McCafe. There is a spread of pastries, including French macarons and croissants. After reeling from shock by how much better the French has the McDonald’s experience, he decided to order the “Brunch Special,” which loaded his plate with two entrees, a drink, and a side order of fruit. Are you getting jealous yet?

Since he was filming the video to compare the American version of McDonald’s to the French version, he ordered a few more things just to sample them. The French McGriddles are “next level” compared to what is available in America. Additionally, the offering was just overall better.

“They should have these in the U.S., they’re way softer,” he added.

Although Norris’s content seems a bit fluffy given the global anxiety level right now, it touched the hearts of his viewers. People who already threatened to leave America if Trump was elected to a second term now had more of a reason to chose France if they had to do such international travel.

Many TikTok users agreed that the French McDonald’s location was “way better” than what Americans get. That’s why upset social media users challenged McDonald’s to do better stateside. Why are American customers treated like trash while the French get pastries and “next-level” treatment?

“This is why I’m moving to France,” one user wrote.

“Why can’t we have this?” another added.

“So you’re telling me they sell macaroons?” another reacted.

While breakfast at a French McDonald’s is superior to what you can get in America, the French also get the chance to buy baguettes, croque monsieur sandwiches, and even beer inside their local Golden Arches.

Do you think American McDonald’s locations need to step it up and do better?

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