A ‘disgusted’ young mother has launched a petition calling on Tesco to move adult toys from the baby and toddler aisle, claiming she had to ‘shield her son’s eyes’ during the weekly food shop.

Ayesha Idrees, a 28-year-old mother of two from Greater Manchester, found herself in an uncomfortable situation when she visited her local Tesco Extra in Oldham last month. While doing her weekly food shopping with her one-year-old son in tow, she came across shelves filled with adult toys right across from the baby food and snacks section.

Ayesha, who describes herself as a ‘protective’ parent, was taken aback by the display, as it was at her son’s eye level, making her extremely uncomfortable. She believed that it was inappropriate to expose innocent eyes to such explicit content.

In an attempt to address the issue, Ayesha spoke to the store manager and requested that the store move the adult toys to a different location. However, when she returned the following week, she was disappointed to find that nothing had changed, and the adult toys were still displayed in the same aisle.

Ayesha expressed her frustration when a staff member reportedly told her that her one-year-old wouldn’t understand what the adult toys were. However, Ayesha firmly believes that it’s not about whether the child comprehends the nature of the items but rather that they shouldn’t be displayed in proximity to products intended for babies and toddlers.

“It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I’m very protective of my children and I do not want them to be exposed to such things so early in life,” Ayesha shared. “Naturally, children are curious, and they absorb information from their surroundings. Placing the toys within reach of innocent eyes exposes them to sexual content, and I don’t want that. I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

She further emphasized, “The issue isn’t that they are displaying [adult toys], it’s the fact they’re displaying them at the baby aisle where so many children will be exposed to it. It’s a family supermarket – they should be more cautious with where they place things.”

Ayesha’s concerns center around the potential exposure of young children to adult-oriented products, which she believes could negatively impact their development. She firmly believes that children should be shielded from such content, especially in a family-oriented store like Tesco.

Ayesha decided to take action by launching a petition to urge Tesco to relocate the adult toys away from the baby and toddler aisle. The petition has already garnered 62 signatures, with more people expressing their support for her cause.

“I went to that aisle to get baby food. My baby was with me at the time, and my eldest was still at school. He was in a pram. The baby food is always at his eye level, but so are the [adult] toys,” Ayesha explained. “It made me a bit angry because an older child, who is also innocent, might understand what it is.”

Ayesha also mentioned that the store manager had informed her that there was nothing he could do if his seniors chose not to change the display. In response, Ayesha stated that if the adult toys were not relocated, she would not return to that Tesco store. She firmly believes in supporting stores that prioritize children’s well-being and safety.

Taking her concerns to the petition homepage, Ayesha wrote, “I am deeply troubled by the presence of adult toys on the baby aisle in our local Tesco store. I believe it is crucial to create a safe and appropriate environment for our children, free from any exposure to adult-oriented products.”

At the time of writing, Tesco had not provided a comment on the matter.

In conclusion, Ayesha Idrees, a concerned mother from Greater Manchester, has launched a petition to persuade Tesco to move adult toys away from the baby and toddler aisle. Her initiative has already gained significant support, with many people agreeing that children should not be exposed to adult-oriented products in a family-oriented supermarket. Ayesha’s determination to protect her children and others from inappropriate content highlights the importance of creating a safe and suitable shopping environment for families.