Only a few weeks after McDonald’s unveiled its new Oreo Spam burger, Burger King has launched a bizarre ice cream flavor that may turn your stomach. The new dessert, which will be offered at restaurants in Singapore, is called Mashed Up Fries and includes vanilla ice cream and golden fries topped off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Burger King decided to launch this new sundae because they had observed some customers concocting the dessert themselves by sticking fries into their vanilla milkshakes.

“Enjoy the perfect sweet and savory combination of ice-cream with fries. Each not sold separately,” the fast-food company wrote on Facebook to unveil their bizarre creation. Fans had a mixed reaction to the savory dessert item and shared thousands of responses on social media.

For the bizarre desert, French fries line the bottom and are then covered with ice cream. The dessert is then topped off with chocolate syrup and maple syrup, plus an additional helping of fries on top.

Burger King has described their latest creation “eccentric but delicious.” Because the dessert includes “contrasting temperatures, textures, and flavors,” according to Business Insider, it can be an interesting item to try if you ever take a trip to Singapore.

Social media fans congratulated Burger King on their innovative dessert idea and for listening to what fans like – even if it is bizarre and “eccentric.”

“Fries in an ice cream, welcome to peak 2020,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I was a cynic until I converted,” tweeted another. “Fries in ice-cream is the real deal. A combination spread simply by word of mouth from one erstwhile cynic-turned-fan to another skeptic. The smart move here by Burger King SG proving they’re ‘listening.’”

Clearly, the fans of this idea are applauding Burger King for listening to their desires and making them come to life. However, most people find the idea to be brazenly disturbing and bizarre.

On Daily Mail, more than a dozen people contributed their thoughts about the Mashed Up Fries sundae and how it has some appeal but still leaves others retching from disgust.

“No they should have just sold them together as a combo.”

“So desperate. Pathetically killing people one savory genetically engineered bite at a time.”

“People dip their fries in their chocolate Frostys at Wendy’s. How is this news?”

“That sounds like something I might eat if I was really, really high.”

McDonald’s Spam Oreo Burger was available in China for one day only in December 2020. The fast-food restaurant chain only had 400,000 burgers available for sale and was hoping to sell out in a single day. The Asian market has been a popular place for fast-food restaurants to try new things because there are so many customers that they might be able to get someone to try it.

In my opinion, this Burger King offering sounds must tastier than the Spam Oreo burger offered by McDonald’s. Although it is not something I’d buy, I’m sure there are people out there who would like the combined taste of fries with their vanilla sundae.

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