Back in 2011, a popular teacher died after suffering more than twenty stab wounds around her body. At the time, authorities investigating the incident ruled that teacher Ellen Greenberg, 27, killed herself by stabbing herself more than a dozen times both in the front and back of her body. However, police are now reopening the case to see if they might have missed some crucial evidence that could suggest Greenberg was murdered rather than having committed the killing herself.

Greenberg was found dead in her apartment’s kitchen on January 26, 2011, with twenty stab wounds to her body and head. Her fiancé, Sam Goldberg, found her lying dead on the ground and called the incident to the proper authorities.

Greenberg suffered ten stab wounds to her neck and the back of her head, as well as an additional ten stab wounds to the front of her body in her abdomen, stomach, and chest. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found the murder weapon – a knife – still stuck inside her body and plunged through her heart.

The young teacher’s death was initially ruled a homicide, but that decision was changed to suicide once the Medical Examiner Marlon Osbourne examined the evidence. Now, authorities are relooking at the case, and evidence has been handed over to the Chester District Attorney’s Office because it seems as though the crime scene might have been staged to make it appear that the young teacher had killed herself with the knife.

“In all my years of experience, and all of the homicides that I’ve done, and suicides, I’ve never seen anything like this,” forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht told Fox News Digital. He added that in his professional opinion, it is “highly unlikely” that Greenberg committed suicide given the evidence of the knife attack.

Back in 2011, authorities learned that Greenberg’s apartment had been locked from the inside and that there was no evidence of a struggle during her final moments of life.

Meanwhile, Golberg, the deceased’s fiancé, told authorities that he came to her home, kicked in the door, and found his beloved on the floor dead as a doornail.

During his 911 call, Golberg told authorities that his fiancé had stabbed herself to death, saying: “Help!… My fiancé’s on the floor with blood everywhere.” He added, “I can’t see anything… there’s nothing broken… Ellie!… I think she hit her head. Oh my god! She stabbed herself… she fell on a knife… there is a knife sticking out of her heart.”

“Unfortunately, after four years of work, new expert testimony and information has been publicly alleged but withheld from our investigators, and new accusations of a conflict of interest have been made against our office,” the Attorney General’s Office said at the time. Now, the Chester District Attorney is working to solve the case.

Greenberg’s father, Joshua, believes “absolutely one hundred percent” that his daughter was murdered.

“I’m not going away,” Joshua previously told “I’m going to get justice for my daughter.”

Do you think she was murdered? Or did she commit suicide?