IKEA stores in China will be boosting their security after one woman was filmed performing a self-sex act on one of the IKEA couches in the display area. The woman, who was half-naked during the sex act, was filmed pleasuring herself in front of other customers who were oblivious to what was going on – or at least appeared to be oblivious to the blatant act of self-sex that was occurring within view of them.

In the wake of this incident in China, IKEA has announced that it will boost its security measures and be “more careful” when it comes to watching customers in the display areas. Because the explicit video of the woman performing the sex act was uploaded to the internet, IKEA found out about it only when the video became a hit across the Asian country.

The video features the woman, who is naked from the waist down, lying on the IKEA furniture while she pleases herself until completion. Meanwhile, shoppers walk past the woman without even noticing her as they look for the household items and furniture on their shopping lists.

Because China has a government-controlled internet system, they were able to scrub all uncensored versions of the video from public view. Now, IKEA, which is based in Sweden, has shared a response to the video, which subsequently has gone viral with more than nine million views.

“We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store,” IKEA said in a statement. They did not indicate the specific location of the store where the offense took place.

Because this incident occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, IKEA had to reassure customers that their stores are clean. That’s why the retailer said on Saturday that they would take “even more careful security and public cleanliness measures” so that their loyal customers can still come into the store and “browse stores in an orderly and civilized way.”

The identity of the video’s star and the person who filmed it has not been shared. It is possible that their names are not known. However, social media users have put their investigative skills to good use by looking at all the available clues to identify the IKEA store where the sex tape was filmed. Because Cantonese is heard in the clip, which is spoken in southern parts of China, people speculate that the clip was filmed at the IKEA store in Guangdong province.

Although people online condemned the woman for doing this in the middle of the store in the middle of the day, others were actually quite impressed. One Chinese commenter wrote:

“This woman is so brave, I don’t understand, [she’s] just doing it in broad daylight,” read one Weibo post that earned more than 8,000 likes.

“There are so many people around, I just don’t understand,” another wrote.

Because IKEA hosted the sex tape – although unknowingly – they will need to change the way their stores are run if they’re going to fix the issue.

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