While she travels the world for Dutch airline KLM, Esther Sturrus updates her more than 150,000 followers on TikTok with tips and tricks for travel. Now, she has just shared six life hacks for better travel that could help you travel safer and better, and you’ll be learning it from someone who travels most days of the year. She has now revealed one of her quirkiest travel tips that could save you a whole big headache if you follow her advice to the letter.

Do you know how hotels include a safe in each and every hotel room? Well, a lot of people are afraid to use those hotel safes because they are afraid that they’ll forget to take their items out of the safe when they’re done using the room. Well, Esther Sturrus has a trick to keep you from forgetting to remove your items from the safe when you’re ready to go.

“Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel or shoe in it, and you won’t forget it.”

The idea behind Esther’s trick is that if you put one of your shoes in the hotel safe, you won’t forget to grab the rest of your stuff since you’re going to remember that you need your other shoe before you leave. And if you have more than one pair of shoes with you, just put something else in the safe, like your jacket or coat – something that you simply cannot leave without.

Esther also has other travel tips for people who want to get a better sleep when they’re spending time in hotel rooms. They can use clothes hangers from the closets in the hotel rooms to pin together the curtains to make them into better blackout curtains so they can get better sleep at night. This can reduce and minimize how much ambient light sneaks into your hotel room and bothers you while you are trying to get some much-needed shut-eye.

Another trick that Esther shared with her more than 150,000 TikTok subscribers was to use the hotel’s shower caps to cover up your shoes when you load them into your suitcase so you don’t have to put dirty-bottomed shoes into your pack. This could protect your clothes from getting dirty from shoes that might have collected some dirt if you had to wear them during your travels.

The shower cap can also be used to cover up the remote control since this is among the dirtiest things in the hotel room since everyone touches it when they come into the room. This is a “very handy” trick that you can use since “those things are “dirty,” Esther explained in her viral TikTok video.

Another trick that you can do is to charge your devices with the hotel television. Just plug your devices with a USB into the hotel television. This allows you to charge your smartphone and other items, including a smartwatch or Fitbit. You won’t have to spend extra money to purchase a world travel plug or buy one that ends up not working in the country that you traveled to.