Moms already have a lot on their plate, but one mother from Hull has a problem that is making her life a living hell. Now, Tracey Featherstone is describing the petty feud she has found herself engaged in with a neighbor who continues to park his car far too close to hers. The neighbor purposely parks so close to her car that she has no way of getting into the vehicle to run her errands and go about her daily routine.

Featherstone serves as a support worker but has found herself in need of support when the feud with her neighbor got way out of control. When the neighbor parks his car so close to hers, she is left just a few inches to get into her vehicle, which is not enough space for her to go about her day and get the things on her to-do list done – let alone get to her job on time.

Every day at 6 pm, the annoying neighbor returns home and chooses to park his car within inches of Tracey’s even though there is plenty of other space to park the car on the street. Tracey believes the neighbor is doing it on purpose to torment her and to make her life a living hell.

The stressed mother told Daily Mail, “I park my car at the back of my house in a car park. I parked my car up at 6 pm in a good space. He comes home and puts his work van right at the side of mine with me, unable to drive it out. I have a scratch along the side too. I am very angry.”

She added, “‘He had no motivations at all, and we don’t really talk as I don’t know him – he seems to target my car only.”

No matter how much Tracey mulls over her situation, she simply cannot determine why the neighbor is doing this to her and her vehicle. She claims to have barely even spoken to the man and doesn’t know what she could have possibly done to offend him.

Nevertheless, she calls his infuriating parking habit “petty” and entirely uncalled for and hopes he will wise up and do the right thing instead of making her life more difficult for no good reason.

On some days, the problem is so bad that the neighbor’s parking job keeps Tracey trapped at home with no way to get in her car and drive away. As a mom, this can be very dangerous since she isn’t always able to be responsive if an emergency arose and she had to rush her children to the emergency room or another type of health care visit.

Tracey has spoken to other neighbors about the problem she is having and has learned that he is only targeting her vehicle with the close parking job. She has found scratches on her scar and even found a bizarre liquid substance poured over the hood of her vehicle.

Why do you think this neighbor is harassing this busy mom?

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