Atlanta, Georgia, like many metropolises across the United States, has been inundated with violent crime in the years since President Trump’s single term in office. Now, Democrats are working to curb high crime rates but are not being very successful. This story reports on how a 77-year-old grandmother was knifed to death outside of her $800,000 home in a luxurious Atlanta suburb that hopes to one day be ceded from the Democratic city of the South.

Grandma, 77-year-old Ellen Bowles, was murdered in her own home after she tried to defend her luxury belongings from a thief who broke in and entered. She lived in the rich neighborhood of Buckhead. Reports indicate that the grandmother likely walked in on 23-year-old suspect Antonio Brown as he was trying to steal the Lexus by driving it out of the garage.

No one knew that the grandmother had been murdered until later when her own son returned home from the holidays. He found his mother’s knifed corpse left alone in the garage and immediately called for emergency services to come to help him figure out what happened.

Now Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens announced that suspect Antonio Brown was arrested and taken into custody for his potential involvement in the murder of Bowles. He is currently being questioned by authorities to see if he might be connected to her stabbing.

Police have obtained a photograph of the man believed to have committed the murder of Ellen Bowles. Authorities believe the man in the photograph is Brown, as he entered the woman’s Lexus SUV and drove away with it from the scene of the murder.

Although Buckhead residential district had spoken about leaving Atlanta because of the city’s rising crime rate, the town was unable to do so quickly enough to protect its elderly resident, 77-year-old Ellen Bowles. She was murdered in her own home after police believe she walked in on the carjacker trying to steal her luxury SUV.

Police were able to track down Brown after a Buckhead local came to police with information about how Brown might have been connected to the stabbing last week. The stolen SUV was driven through several neighborhoods in Atlanta and was eventually found in DeKalb County, which borders Buckhead.

Deputy Police Chief Charles Hampton Jr. confirmed the cops’ suspicion that Brown entered Bowles’s gated community by foot, but they were unable to say how he was able to bypass the security gate. Hampton mentioned that Brown might have had an accomplice to help him commit the theft of the luxury gated community.

Michael Bowles found his mother murdered in her garage when he came home for the holidays on Saturday, a week before Christmas. Based on the evidence from the scene, police believe that the murder occurred between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm that same day.

Her son said, “I am committed to getting the word out about this outrageous tragedy. And I want everyone to understand that none of us is safe. I hope that people read this story and understand this, and then maybe we can all collectively effectuate some change. I will carry that message with me forever, for mom.”