Everyone can agree that bringing a baby into the world at the height of the coronavirus pandemic is an extremely stressful situation. Many parents have been forced to do things they would never do because they have to protect their newborn baby from the deadly virus. This means that some families have to wait to see the baby longer than they would have had to wait prior to the pandemic – and this is extremely hard for thousands of people.

But one mom found that the baby’s grandmothers refused to listen and were dead-set on getting revenge for having the two wait to see the child. Mom posted to Reddit to get help from people online.

“I’m thirty-five weeks pregnant (first kid) and being induced at the end of the month. My husband’s family is in Florida, and my family is in California. We currently live in Colorado. With the baby coming, people were planning to fly here to see her after she is born, but due to having a smaller apartment and not really knowing how I will be feeling, along with feeling uncomfortable at so many people coming, we decided to take the first two weeks without any visitors. My husband is taking two weeks of paternity leave so we can get to know our daughter and get into a routine. This is what works best for us. We are very private people, and it’s our first (and most likely, last) baby.”

Although mom and dad had a plan, their family wanted them to do something different. They started putting pressure on the heavily pregnant mother to appease them despite her being the one with all the responsibility of carrying a baby during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Last night, his mother mentioned coming to visit, and we gave her the option of coming after the first two weeks or a very short visit. I called my mom to find out when she wanted to come since we had an idea when my mother in law was coming. My mother said her plan was to come the day of the induction to be there at the delivery, stay for a few days, and then fly back to ‘give us our two weeks alone.’ Um no. That isn’t giving us our two weeks alone. She was never invited in the delivery room, and I was blunt and said, ‘sorry, but no. No one is going to be in the delivery room except my husband. You are more than welcome to meet our daughter after we take our time to get settled.’”

Although mom and dad thought their request was reasonable, the grandmothers were furious and wanted revenge.

“She flipped out,” the pregnant woman continued. “She said I was horrible, so selfish and entitled. I was taking away the moment she should have with HER granddaughter.”

She added, “She denied ever disagreeing with anything, so I named everything she ever argued with me about: me being induced, my epidural, breastfeeding/formula, co-sleeping, C-section rates, the list goes on. She has had an opinion about everything, and it’s always, always outdated information or old wives tales type [expletive].”

The mother-to-be continued, “She said she needed to be there in case of an emergency to ‘help make important medical decisions,’ and it took everything for me not to laugh. She is the last person I would want to make medical decisions, and I could just see her arguing with my very capable husband and doctor. Absolutely no way in hell.”

Now grandma is preparing to get “payback” for not being able to meet the grandchild immediately.

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