For the last six years, Erica DePascale has spent her life working on cruise ships. Now, she has come forward to share insight into the common mistake she saw passengers make while aboard the cruise line. Now that America seems to be emerging from the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers are gearing up to get back onto cruise ships to enjoy relaxing vacations and get the most out of their time off from work – but DePascale wants you to know a few things about making the most of your vacation.

DePascale witnessed thousands of guests trying to take advantage of the ship’s drink package. Although there might be no end to how many drinks can flow, ships are usually not welcoming to rowdy guests. Passengers are expected to follow a code of conduct while onboard the boat and will get in trouble if they break the. DePascale witnessed people who smashed champagne glasses in a hot tub only to get kicked off the boat.

Another mistake made during cruises is not turning your cellphone onto airplane mode. By leaving the device on, you might rack up international charges while out on the open water. Simply switch your device to airplane mode to prevent this from happening and stay on the ship’s wifi network if you want to stay in contact with your loved ones back at home.

She also urged guests to explore all their dining options. She wrote, “I often see passengers eat all three meals at the buffet every day. I know some people just really love the self-serve option, but it surprises me how many guests have no idea what’s included with their trip.”

One common mistake that guests make is leaving their room keys behind. This can be a much bigger problem than you’d expect, especially if you need guest services to issue a new key or to send someone to unlock your door. On port days, your room key is essential because it is what security uses to monitor who is on and off the ship.

Guests are allowed to bring their own wine aboard the ship. Some airports even sell wine to cruise ship guests, knowing that it is totally fine to bring your own onboard. However, if you buy alcohol while on vacation, you may face restrictions when returning home.

Another common cruise mistake is to ignore the cruise planner. There are many fun events planned for guests’ enjoyment. The planner can save time and money because it lists out all the events occurring throughout the day. Besides listing all of the activities, it also shares the weather report as well as things to do during port days.

Never miss the all-aboard time on port days. Seasoned cruisers might accidentally miss the call time because they don’t realize the all-aboard time changes from cruise line to cruise line. The time is always listed for guests while they exit the ship.

Finally, the best time to book another cruise is while you’re already on the ship. Booking appointments usually fill up at the end of the cruise, so book yours at the beginning to avoid lines and to get access to the most deals.

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