It was the happiest day of Madison and John Sacharcyzk’s lives when something shocking happened at their wedding. The lovebirds were exchanging vows in front of their beloved family and friends when a wedding crasher broke into their ceremony and hurried toward the gift table. The wedding venue’s security cameras captured the shocking site when the unnamed woman – the wedding crasher – started stealing gifts from the newlyweds at their wedding!

However, the Sacharcyzks are not the only couple who have seen wedding gifts go missing on their special day. Another couple, Lee and Anna, who live in a different state from the Sacharcyzks, also experienced theft on their wedding day. They recall having many of their cards stolen, many of which included cash or checks.

Once Lee and Anna received the security footage from their church, they quickly identified the culprit. There was a lone woman whom they did not invite and did not know, “prowling” through their gifts and searching for anything to steal. The woman also searched the entire church looking for wallets and purses that she could empty of their value and take with her on her way out of the celebration.

But these two couples are not the only ones victimized by the thieving wedding crasher. Madison and Drew were getting married in yet another state when someone stole $300 from a purse during their wedding. They also obtained security footage from their church and found the same middle-aged woman prowling the venue looking for things to take with her.

Inside Edition has since run a report on this wedding crasher and has found her stealing from numerous couples across several states.

More than 1,400 people shared their thoughts and reactions to this shocking story in the comments on YouTube. The following are some from viewers like you.

“It takes a disgusting and vile person to crash someone’s wedding, let alone steal their wedding gifts. I hope they catch the dirtbag.”

“She knows better than to go to a black or  Hispanic wedding because she would be bombarded with questions.”

“I feel bad for them. They were waiting so long for this day, and it gets ruined.”

Another person wrote, “It is such a low human being who steals gifts from a grave and a wedding! If that has been you.  Please live a higher form of life on this planet!  We need better humans here!”

“This is why we always have a ‘gift table guard’ on post at all times. Be it your cousin, your sister, your aunt …SOMEONE is on guard at ALL times!!!”

One viewer even shared a similar story about what happened to their friend.

“The wedding planner of our friend was doing a giant scheme like this. Stealing gifts. She got busted big time.”

Another viewer even admitted that this happened at a funeral.

“It happened at my Mama’s funeral! (Not the same woman) But someone stole cards with cash. How can someone be so low down?!”

What do you think about this wedding crasher stealing gifts?