Although millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, big businesses are thriving. Local restaurants have been forced to shut their doors and close their dining rooms, but fast-food corporations like McDonald’s are selling more burgers and fries than ever before. Because people are home in quarantine, they need to eat – and McDonald’s has promised to deliver as many burgers and chicken nuggets as their suppliers can supply them with during this time of dramatic need.

You probably know that McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants are doing a good business during this time. But when you see the image from a Toronto location, your jaw might hit the floor. The images show that the McDonald’s employees have shifted their usual practice to stack a seemingly endless supply of to-go bags on the counter so the cooks and fill them with the orders as fast as possible.

The video was posted by Katie Hope, who worked at the McDonald’s location on Queen Street and Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Canada. She was overwhelmed by how many customers in self-isolation are ordering McDonald’s delivery to fill their stomach during this pandemic. While customers are not inside the global fast-food corporation, the orders are still filing in as hungry customers wait for their delivery orders while inside their homes.

The process depicted in the images shows that McDonald’s employees are encouraged to follow the assembly-line style method of packing orders. This leaves bags open on the counter, which some critics claim could expose them to virus particles in the air.

In Toronto, as of Monday, the city had 1,301 cases and 32 deaths from the novel coronavirus.

McDonald’s has not handled the situation that well when it comes to protecting its workers. At one California location, the bosses did not tell workers that a colleague had contracted the virus. Only after the workers learned about the other person’s infection through back-channel means did the workers stage a walkout in protest of the gross mistreatment and violation of their rights. The bosses should have alerted the employees to the fact that one worker had contracted the virus that is killing people around the world.

Cook Bartolome Perez told City News Service: “We’ve been pleading for protective equipment for more than a month now, but McDonald’s is putting its profits ahead of our health. We don’t want to die for McDonald’s burgers and fries.”

Many low-wage workers are still expected to show up to work even when their companies are doing little to protect them. McDonald’s, for instance, seems to put its profits ahead of the health and safety of the workers who keep their businesses afloat.

However, McDonald’s did announce that it was streamlining its menu offering to keep things simpler for them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some menu items have been stripped away, and they are not offering breakfast all day, as well as no salads, grilled chicken, or chicken tenders.

What do you think about these disturbing images from the McDonald’s location in Toronto?

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