A new video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris has now come under fire for hiring CHILD ACTORS to portray real children. The video, which was released as part of World Space Day, featured Harris and happy-go-lucky school-age children in a NASA video about the joys of sending people into outer space. The video, which was entitled “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” was filmed back in August and was promoted by the vice president via Twitter on October 7, 2021 – but people quickly pointed out that it was not as authentic as it tried to be.

The video appears to use real children. However, an insider leaked information about how these children were actually hired actors who were required to audition for the chance to spend time with the vice president. These children had to submit monologues and three questions they would ask the world leader before they were granted access to her for the NASA video, which was created by the Canadian company “Sinking Ship Entertainment.”

Five teenagers were selected to participate in the vice president’s NASA video. One of those children was thirteen-year-old Trevor Bernardino of Monterey. He was delighted when he learned he would be traveling to Washington, DC, to participate, as he explained to KSBW.

“Then after that, like a week later, my agent called me and was like ‘Hey Trevor, you booked it,’” he told the network.

The other children selected for the video included child actors Derrick Brooks II, Emily Kim, Zhoriel Tapo, and Sydney Schmooke. The children shot the video with Harris at the Naval Observatory.

Critics lashed out at the vice president as soon as the name of the production company was posted to the internet.

“This just keeps getting better,” tweeted Tim Murtaugh, former Trump 2020 communications director. “The company producing Kamala Harris’ video featuring professional child actors, which is called ‘Sinking Ship Entertainment’…is based in Canada.”

Politico reporter Christopher Cadelago, who covers the White House and the V.P., wrote: “Not the point, but an unfortunate name to throw around politicians.”

By this point, the vice president’s team had already realized that they did not share their information with enough people and were unprepared to deal with such a backlash.

Harris has since released an apology for how poorly she handled the situation.

“I apologize if my intention was misunderstood; I am sorry for all of those affected by my mistake,” she said.

However, this is not the first time that Harris has been caught using child actors in her political videos. Several months ago, another video of hers was released with children who were also hired by Sinking Ship Entertainment to appear on camera during an event at Disneyland back in June 2020 where Barack Obama and his wife Michelle had also appeared.

The children were seen in a video of Harris’s where she was speaking about the Space Force and how it would be an incredible opportunity for young people to take part in.

Harris has been heavily criticized for using child actors, but other political figures have done so as well, including President Donald Trump himself, who used many hired hands while filming his 2020 reelection campaign video.

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