As lawmakers looked to deregulate the economy throughout the Trump presidency, fraudsters and scam artists seized the opportunity to flood the marketplace with fraudulent goods to trick unsuspecting customers. Now, an article posted on Bored Panda reveals how creative these criminals have become as they eagerly sell their counterfeit goods to the highest bidder and make off with a killing since marketplace regulation has gone down the tubes.

Manufacturers of counterfeit goods have turned up their creativity and are eagerly trying to trick customers every time they buy. With one person creating a “Dave” brand of soap instead of the popular Dove brand or boots branded “UGH” instead of the true “UGG,” these scam artists are working hard to take people’s money and trick them into buying poor quality items that they think might be the genuine article.

Bored Panda compiled the list of these knockoff brands that have been flooding the marketplace in recent years. Consumers need to watch out and be very careful when they’re trying to buy name-brand items, especially if they’re making a purchase on a person-to-person platform like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Some of these crooks try to make their product logo mimic one that is already in the marketplace. The example above of the Polo knockoff is rather striking. As you can see, this scammer decided to flip the arrangement of the man and his horse to trick consumers into buying an item they might think is genuine if they don’t inspect it closely enough.

Crooks know that if they can trick people into believing that their product or store is the same as a famous one, they’ll gain customers by accident. There are so many knockoff fried chicken joints around the globe. The KFC decided to use them in an advertising campaign.

Clothing lines are some of the most commonly knocked-off items out there. One man purchased a “Nike” item at full price and had no clue that it really said “Mike” with the checkmark until he was at home and put the item in his hand.

The video game market is another place where crooks and scammers are rewarded. Because gamers sometimes cut corners and purchase knockoff products to save a few bucks, manufacturers have gotten creative with what to call their items. But this Sony knockoff hit the nail right on the head when they chose to name their brand “Fony.”

Although this book might not be a knockoff item per se, it certainly is playing off the popularity of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series of books. Beware of tricksters trying to take your money!

If you’re shopping for low-price designer items, make sure to inspect them closely. Fraudsters and con artists are seizing the open opportunity within the deregulated marketplace to scam people out of their money. These people are creating entire lines of products with logos and claims similar to brand-name designer goods in the hopes that they trick thousands of people and make off with a jackpot.

Have you ever spotted knockoff items like these?

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