A beautiful woman and her boyfriend attended a sports game just like it were a normal day. However, the boyfriend decided to propose to his beloved while they were on the Jumbotron. However, the man was not prepared for the moment because instead of an engagement ring, he offered his girlfriend a Ring Pop sugar treat – in response, the girlfriend slapped her boyfriend across the face for the insulting display of affection.

In the video, you can hear the man saying, “I love you,” to his beautiful girlfriend. As he gets down on one knee, the woman is clearly quite excited to know that she could be getting engaged in the next few moments. However, the man shocks the woman in all the wrong ways when he reveals a Ring Pop candy instead of a real engagement ring, completely botching the “special moment” with his prank.

When the girlfriend realizes that her boyfriend is pranking her by proposing marriage with a sugar Ring Pop, she slaps him across the face and says, “What the f**k is wrong with you.” Then she throws her drink in his face to make it absolutely clear that she is not okay with the prank engagement.

However, the camera crew at the game thought that the engagement was going to end with a happy moment. Instead, they were shocked to see the woman rightfully slapping the immature boyfriend and hurling her drink in his face to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately for the couple, the entire thing was caught on the Jumbotron, and everyone in the audience watched as the man proposed with a Ring Pop only to get the slap in the face he deserved for such a dastardly show of comedy. Thousands of fans were left reeling from the shocking moment.

However, social media users also watched the video and claimed that the man might have had a real ring in his pocket. They saw what looked like a ring box in his pocket, so they assumed that he was not a total ass and had the real engagement ring ready to go after he pulled the ridiculous prank on his beloved girlfriend in front of thousands of strangers on the big screen.

“See his pocket when he stands up, though. Looks like he may actually have a ring, and the whole thing was a joke,” one social media user wrote.

But most people sided with the woman when it came to social media comments.

“I’m with her! It was embarrassing for her, especially with all the media! He ruined one of the most special moments in a couple’s lifetime. She was so excited to see what he was going to propose… After seeing the $1 candy pop, she was hurt and completely devastated.”

But some men thought the woman overreacted.

“You’re crazy if you think the guy is at blame,” one person wrote, while another added, “I get that she didn’t like this, but it’s no reason to slap him across the face. Especially in front of thousands.”

What do you think? Did the boyfriend deserve to get slapped for his offensive prank?