When Frankie Allison lost his beloved wife, life as he knew it was over. In the weeks after her death, Frankie Allison of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, did not know how to go on with his life. But one possession that once belonged to his wife, a house plant, proved to be Frankie’s saving grace. Now, Frankie has come forward to speak about the “miracle plant” that gave him a sign that changed his perspective of life in the weeks after the death of his wife.

The story begins long ago on Christmas Eve. Frankie’s beautiful wife, Maxine, called into a contest for a radio show and happened to win the prize. Her prize for winning the call-in show game was a small poinsettia house plant. This type of plant is famous for helping people celebrate the holiday season.

However, Maxine did not have long to enjoy the plant. Three days after she received the plant as the prize for the call-in radio show, she passed away as a result of a heart attack. She was gone from the world, leaving her husband alone with the plant.

In the wake of his wife’s sudden death, he fell into grief and did not once think about the poinsettia. He even thought about getting rid of the plant because it did nothing but provoke painful memories in him. However, just as he was thinking about getting rid of the plant, it began to transform right before his eyes.

Most poinsettias do not grow for very long. In some cases, they hardly grow longer than the holiday season. But this one seemed to be growing beyond reason, and Frankie saw it as a sign from his beloved wife.

However, Frankie’s poinsettia did not stop growing and growing and growing. It continued to get bigger and bigger for years – nineteen years. Back in 2016, CBC News ran a report on Frankie and his miraculous poinsettia, and still, the plant continues to get bigger as he tends to it and waters it.

Recently, Frankie realized that his plant was so large that he no longer needed to get a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday. Instead, he simply strung lights and put decorations on his wife’s poinsettia. Although he gave it some extra love during the holiday season, he takes good care of the plant all year long.

Why is Frankie’s poinsettia continuing to thrive despite the odds? He believes it is because Maxine’s spirit helps keep the plant growing and going. He sees it as his mission to keep the plant going because it was one of the final things Maxine received before she died from the sudden heart attack.

Frankie’s friends and loved ones call his poinsettia a “miracle plant.”

Frankie takes good care of the plant, watering it just twice per week. He also provides it with fertilizer. The plant continues to be a reminder of all the wonderful things he loved about Maxine.

The miracle plant is not over five feet tall and weighs more than one hundred pounds.

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