Last year a shootout between police and suspects left a Casper, Wyoming police officer with life-threatening injuries. During the firefight, another police officer shot the suspect. On Monday, lawyers representing the suspect who shot the Casper cop are filing a lawsuit against the city, police department, and officers for $500,000 and other compensation. In the complaint filed in federal court, the lawyers demand retribution for the suspect because he was injured during the firefight with the Wyoming officers.

The Wyoming attorney wrote: “Defendants Officer (Jacob) Carlson and Officer (Randi) Garrett’s unlawful and unwarranted acts, lack of training, and deviation from official customs or policies of law enforcement agencies at large, unlawfully caused David Wolosin’s injuries and death.”

In the federally-filed complaint, lawyers attested that David Wolosin was within his right to carry a firearm per the second amendment. He was also allowed to use it in self-defense. The lawsuit also claims that police violated his constitutional right to not undergo unwarranted searches and seizures, as well as his right to due process. Lawyers representing Wolosin’s side believe money should be given to make up for the suspected damage the police officers caused.

Many people are furious that a lawsuit would be filed on behalf of a suspect who injured a police officer. Casper City Attorney John Henley confirmed he was shocked and disappointed that this was happening in his home state of Wyoming.

The incident in question happened on a Sunday in May 2018. Someone had called the police to report that David Wolosin was allowing minors to operate a moving vehicle. The caller told cops that a child was driving a sedan around an empty parking lot along with another child in the car. As it turned out, both of the boys were nephews of David.

Officer Jacob Carlson (above) arrived as a backup for Officer Randi Garrett, who was on the scene first. When Carlson arrived, he left his patrol car to approach Wolosin’s vehicle, where Officer Garrett was already speaking to him. Footage supplied from the Casper Police Department shows David on a cellphone speaking to someone as he tries to back away from the close cop.

According to the lawsuit, David said, “Please give me some space. Please back up, please.”

Footage shows Officer Carlson (above) shoving David, who responds by pulling out a firearm and unloading bullets in Carlson’s direction. The shootout results in Carlson’s injuries, and the injured officer falls to the ground.

Because David opened fire, Officer Garrett removed his side piece and engaged with David in a firefight. The police hide behind the sedan while the children are still inside within range of firing bullets.

An investigation confirmed that David Wolosin was killed by Officer Garrett.

After the shootout, Officer Carlson (pictured) spent a month recovering at the Wyoming Medical Center. During his time at the facility, his heart stopped beating during surgery. Officer Carlson has since stepped down as a police officer, retiring from the force.

An investigation ultimately cleared Carlson and Garrett of any wrongdoing in the death of Wolosin. Wolosin’s family members are seeking $500,000 in compensation for the emotional harm of David Wolosin’s death.