John Butler, 84, has been meditating since he was in his twenties. After a career as a farmer, Butler, who sports an enviable white beard, has been spending a lot of his free time meditating and relaxing. However, Butler has since found himself involved in an entirely new career as he has become an overnight YouTube star after posting meditation videos that have been praised by viewers from across the globe.

Butler’s videos are relaxing and calming. He films the meditation sessions from his home in the Derbyshire countryside and has amassed quite a following on social media because of his relaxing voice and calming meditation practice.

Although the retired farmer has been using meditation for most of his adult life, he only recently began sharing his experience with others via his YouTube channel, Spiritual Unfoldment. He has already posted more than 200 videos and has accumulated a massive following of more than 125,000 followers who eagerly await his latest meditation video.

Butler admits that he “hardly knew what the internet was” only a few years ago. However, he must have figured it out quickly because he has been able to launch a successful YouTube channel and get more than one hundred thousand people to follow him.

The most popular video that Butler has uploaded to his channel offers viewers a “commonsense guide to meditation.” The clip has been viewed more than a million times and continues to attract new viewers to Butler’s YouTube channel, although the video is no longer new.

Some people explained that they keep returning to Butler’s videos because they’re just so darn good. Fans adored Butler’s relaxing voice and claimed that he has helped them reduce anxiety and even get better rest.

For years, people have sought out videos on YouTube that trigger autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Butler has become a celebrity in that field because his voice is just so relaxing that it helps put people in a peaceful and relaxing state.

The idea to create his own channel on YouTube came to Butler when he gave an interview about his views on higher consciousness to spirituality television channel Conscious TV back in 2017. After that, he was inspired to get in front of the camera more often and share what he can with people across the world.

Although Butler has become a YouTube star seemingly overnight, he does not let his newfound fame affect his view of himself. During an interview with the BBC, Butler said: “I think if I was a younger man, I would have been more excited about it. I’d never heard of YouTube. Hardly knew what internet was.”

Butler first began his meditation journey after a calming trip to Peru in South America when he was a young man. He’s been practicing meditation ever since.

“So many people have this problem with an agitated mind, a restless mind. And because one instinctively seeks for some sort of balance, people look for rest or peace, don’t they? Most of my life, I’ve felt really a bit of a misfit in this world, and I’ve felt most people weren’t interested in me, but I’m just quietly glad to be able to share what I love.”

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