A mom from Australia terrified the world when she shared an image of her child’s packed lunch. Because she packed whole grapes and cherry tomatoes in the toddler’s preschool lunchbox, the world freaked out. Some parents fear that grapes and other round fruit and vegetables like cherry tomatoes are choking hazards for little children. Because the mother posted the image of her child’s packed lunch with whole fruit in it, critics slammed her with comment after comment, making sure their fury was registered by the caring mother.

A grape can easily choke a toddler. If the round object slides into the little one’s throat, it can get lodged in there and clog the airway. This means the little one can be choked and die. That’s why other mothers were “freaking out” regarding the way this Australian mom packed the little child’s lunch.

Grapes are the third most common choking hazard in the world behind only hot dogs and lollipops, according to a study published in the United States.

“Looks great! Just a heads up for next time, anything shaped like grapes and cherry tomatoes should be quartered lengthwise,” one mum replied. “Whole grapes are the perfect size to get stuck in kiddo’s windpipes!”

“I just freak out when I see whole grapes…I just wouldn’t take the chance,” another mom wrote.

The mother who posted the photo thought all the other moms were being ridiculous.

“No, I don’t need to cut those in half,” she wrote back.

Experts agreed with the critics.

Luke Sammartino, a doctor from Melbourne, Australia, wanted his warning to be heard by the original mother, who put her little child at risk. He advises parents to cut grapes in half lengthwise.

Every year, about 30 children in Australia die from suffocation. Some of these are killed by choking on grapes.

“As a pediatrician who consults with hundreds of families every year, I have seen and heard it all, and an incident like this is obviously incredibly distressing for parents,” Dr. Sammartino told the Diamond Valley Leader at the time.

Readers of Daily Mail shared HUNDREDS of reactions to this lunch box in the comments. Some people agreed with the experts regarding the dangers of grapes, while others thought the mom was just doing too much to appease a picky eater.

“TWELVE different foods at that. Yet another parent who caved into a ‘picky eater’ so gives the child too much of everything, hoping they’ll eat something.”

“Yes, I can see what the main problem is. Way too much food for a two-year-old. I doubt that I could stomach that for lunch. It looks gross.”

“Adults have ALWAYS cut grapes and cherry tomatoes for kids. My grandmother had hers cut as a kid. She told me about it while she was cutting mine 30 years ago. What a ridiculous comment! I know whose getting more stupid, and it’s not toddlers!”

“I’m more concerned about how big that two years old is to be needing all that food. That’s not just one day’s lunch, surely?”

What do you think about this two-year-old girl’s lunchbox?

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