One mom from New York is getting mocked online after she revealed the unusual names she named twelve of her thirteen children. Veronica Merrit was very proud of the names she had selected, but people online thought that her children “were going to hate you” when they grow up because their names were so strange and out of the ordinary. Merritt has twelve biological children and one adopted child, making her the mother of thirteen minors, all with strange names.

Merritt has opened up her life to social media users, revealing all of the things she has to do every day to make her large family happy. According to details of her life, she spends three hours every day preparing dinner for her thirteen children. She also needs to drive around in a school bus in order to fit all of her children in the same vehicle. She also colors codes clothes for her children, so she knows which shirt or pants belong to which child.

However, Merritt recently shared the names of her twelve biological children, sending her TikTok followers into a crazed tailspin of chaos. The viral video from the New York mom has received nearly four million views and counting.

The mom captioned the viral clip, “I’m 37. Here are the names and ages of my 12 biological kids.” She then shared photos of her children along with their strange names.

The eldest child is Victoria Adrianna. She is twenty-two years old. Next come children Andrew Vincent, 18; Adam, 16; and Mara Annalise, 15. From here, the names became more and more unique as mom started to get creative while naming her biological children.

According to Daily Mail, the next child was Marvelous Artymis, nine, and the next were eight-year-old Martalya Annastasia, six-year-old Amelia Annabelle, and four-year-old Delilah Arianna. The mom of thirteen children concluded her viral TikTok video with a note about how her three-year-old child is named Donovan Oliver, while her youngest child is none other than 10-month-old Modi Alexander.

“I had to make an update because we had a birthday… plus last time I accidentally wrote the wrong middle name for Darla,” she added in the caption of the viral video. “I know their names. I swear – just easily distracted and must have hit the wrong auto-fill word.”

Social media users quickly shared their reactions to the mom’s unique names for her kids. Reactions were mixed.

“Some of those kids are going to hate you for those names,” one person wrote as a comment on the TikTok video.

One person simply questioned, “Marvelous Artymis? Dash Orion?”

One other person added, “Marvelous is going to be bullied for that name.”

“Like they got worse, then better, then worse again,” shared another TikTok user who viewed the New York mom’s video.

“Marvelous Artemis sounds like a Dr. Seuss character,” wrote one person.

What do you think about this mom’s unique names for her children? Will they hate her for their strange names?

@thismadmama I had to make an update because we had a last time I accidentally wrote the wrong middle name for Darla 😅 I know their names I swear 😂 just easily distracted and must have hit the wrong auto fill word 😂 Anyways, this also shows my youngest sitting up since so many people are saying he can't. #thismadmama #theMADfamily #largefamilystuff #coolFamily ♬ Tip-Toe Thru the Tulips with Me - Tiny Tim