Multiple births can be risky. They put mom through a lot and the babies as well. But in 2015, Tim and Bethani Webb put their small Canadian town of 900 on the map for a one-in-a-million birth. Their town Hythe is in Alberta on the border of British Colombia. Although the couple wanted to wait some time to start a family, they just couldn’t stop themselves, and Bethani found out she was pregnant just three months after they tied the knot.

But after visiting the doctor, Bethani soon learned that her pregnancy was anything but ordinary. And when it was time to get the ultrasound, she saw that four little lives were growing within her. And at that knowledge, she swelled with love for the little ones yet to be born.

Being pregnant with four babies was very stressful for the Webbs. They needed to prepare their house for four new lives. That meant they had to buy a lot of diapers and other supplies. Besides the economic impact of having quadruplets, the Webbs also had to prepare themselves mentally. Bethani was just 22-years-old. She also had to put her health under a microscope. Now that she had four unborn babies relying on her, she needed more rest. She upgraded her diet and drank a lot of water. Everything she did was for the little one. And her community also helped out. Because the Webbs were adding four lives to the town of 900, they were jumping the population up somewhat dramatically. Neighbors and friends gave donations and launched fundraisers to help the young couple prepare for the babies.

When the time came, Bethani learned that the quadruplets were all girls. This was a blessing and a miracle. The odds that they were all the same sex was definitely against the young couple, but it was a dream come true for Bethani. She always wanted to be a mom of little girls.

Being pregnant with quadruplets is not easy. Bethani struggle to sleep – four pairs of feet kept kicking her at all hours of the night. She tried to eat enough food – but with four mouths to feed it was not easy. And she tried to keep herself healthy.

Eventually, her planned C-section date came. It was May 6, 2016. And it would prove to be a one-in-a-15-million day.

When all four babies were born, the doctors and nurses in the room could not believe what they saw. The quadruplets were identical. That’s something so rare you might as well go play the Powerball.

Now the new family is working hard to keep everyone happy.

“They’re all doing really well,” Bethani told TODAY Parents. “They’re all good.”

She also admitted how she struggles to tell the little ones apart.

“At this point, I’m not able to tell them apart,” Bethani said. “We’re going to paint their toenails and assign them each a color.”

Because they were small at birth, they would all share the same crib. That made things easier, but also harder to tell them apart.

“Right now, they’re all in one crib, which is nice. Before they were in their incubators, they were all separate, and they definitely had some separation anxiety.”

What do you think about these little ones?