Dawn Paret is a protective mother. She loves her little ones so much that she decided to treat her children to a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. However, Paret was served something inside her child’s Happy Meal that left her furious and outraged. “The amount of rage that went through me I have never experienced,” the Michigan mom said after discovering what the McDonald’s fast-food workers put into the child’s packaged meal.

Inside Paret’s seven-year-old daughter’s yellow Happy Meal box was something that never should have been in it in the first place. However, the child was horrified that there was something unsavory in the Happy Meal that was purchased on Sunday in Warren, Michigan.

In a Facebook post, Paret exposed the McDonald’s location for serving up something that was offensive and appalling and never should have been in the packaged food order.

Paret shared a picture of the empty Happy Meal box with a ballpoint pen and a yellow box cutter with the blade exposed. Why did the McDonald’s location serve up something as dangerous as a box cutter in a Happy Meal meant to feed children?

The Michigan mom was totally shocked and worried because if her seven-year-old daughter had taken up the box cutter, she could have grievously injured herself in the process.

“Anything could have happened, and that’s what’s scary,” Paret said to WXYZ. She added, “She opened up the box looking for the toy, and he was getting the 2-year-old setup. She turned around, looked at him, held it out, and said, ‘Dad, what is this?’”

Paret shared her viral Facebook post on June 11, 2023, writing: “You hear of things like this, but never did I think it truly could happen. The amount of worry and rage that went through me – I have never experienced. A million ‘what ifs’ – what if it was Ava (2 years old) who found it? What if it wasn’t Eliana or Ava and the next kid who was going to eat in the car and play with that? McDonald’s, I need an answer as to WHY and HOW a box cutter ended up in the bottom of our daughter’s happy meal. Simply saying a happy meal box is your ‘catch-all,’ and someone must’ve accidentally grabbed that one is not the answer I want.”

Dawn Paret was not the only parent who found the McDonald’s Happy Meal contents to be very worrying. Hundreds of people replied to her Facebook post, many of them urging the mom to contact a lawyer straight away because the danger was real.

“Call the company. Record them. See what they say, AND call a lawyer. Immediately,” one person suggested to the Michigan mom.

“I’m so glad nothing happened to your girls,” another person wrote. “How scary!”

Paret is still waiting for answers from McDonald’s.

“I understand accidents happen. It’s just. … I need to know how this happened exactly.”