One mom turned to TikTok to vent about the lack of appreciation her family showed her on Christmas Day 2022. After she spent months searching for and wrapping all the gifts for her loved ones, she simply wanted something to open on Christmas morning. However, her family did not get her anything despite all the hard work she put into the Christmas season on behalf of her loved ones, and it really hurt her feelings.

“I know I’m not the only mom who woke up Christmas morning with not a single present under the tree for them as you watched your kids and husband unwrap the presents you spent all month stressing over.”

Mom explained that she “went all out” for her kids and also did shopping for her husband. However, she was pained and hurt when she realized that her husband did not spend an ounce of energy on her shopping for gifts. Instead, she was left with nothing under the tree after working so hard to make sure Christmas was a great time for her children and husband.

Unfortunately, this mom was preaching to the choir. Although she felt like she was in a unique situation, she confessed that she was not the only mom who was forgotten on Christmas morning. She decided to record the TikTok video to reach as many people as possible and express her grief at having been left off of Santa’s list this Christmastime.

Other people shared their reactions in the comments, including some other moms who also did not receive any gifts on Christmas morning.

One person wrote, “This happened to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t get a gift, it’s that no one even noticed that I didn’t have a gift.”

Another person wrote, “Thank you for this post. I feel less alone in the world.”

Someone added that it’s not so much about getting a gift to open on Christmas morning. It’s more about “knowing someone did or did not think about you.”

In a follow-up video, mom thanked her TikTok followers and fans for all of their “positive and uplifting comments,” especially since her husband hurt her so much on Christmas morning. She added that she had been married to her husband for seven years, and he had never been one to give her gifts, which “bugs” her very much. Nevertheless, she has stuck out her marriage even though it pains her to be forgotten on big occasions like Christmas and her birthday.

She said, “Getting something from your husband just makes you feel special and loved and appreciated.”

She also explained toward the end of the second video that her family has “gone through a lot in the past two years,” like a lot of “loss” and “sadness.” Some of the sadness was losing her mom at the age of forty-five in 2021.

She added, “Moms make the magic happen most of the time.”

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