If you have not been on social media recently, you’ll probably be surprised by the latest craze sweeping the fashion world. For those of you who missed the unofficial announcement, gray hair is in! Women all over the country are giving up on their hair-coloring habits and embracing their natural gray look in unprecedented numbers. Perhaps, one of the reasons for this increased interest among women to rock their natural gray hair is that hair salons were largely shut down during the initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic – and going “natural” with one’s hair color is so much easier and low maintenance.

Los Angeles stylist Jack Martin was hoping to make a mark in the industry. That’s why he took a leap of faith when he started encouraging aging women to quit dying their hair and just let the gray shine through. For some women, the gray or white hair that comes naturally does not look so good. However, the reality is that for many women, the gray or silver hair that grows out of their head is actually very, very beautiful, and something worthy to be shown off in public.

Martin first started making his mark when he shared transformation on Instagram. Instead of dying women’s hair unnatural colors for them, he began dying their hair the gray that would grow in naturally, which made things better for these hard-working women. Fans on Instagram quickly gravitated to Martin’s work and demanded the style for themselves. Before long, Martin was gaining national notoriety for his unconventional gray hairstyle.

“My clients with naturally gray hair come two or three times a year, instead of every few weeks,” Martin told Allure. “Some clients have salt and pepper mostly in the front, and the back is darker, so I match that and add some darkness to it.

Martin explains his process on his popular Instagram account. This image of a woman before and after shows how people are willing to travel far to get access to Martin’s hair styling services.

“This beautiful client came to me from North Carolina (above). I want to thank her for trusting in me and flew from far to get my services. How I fixed this brassy hair? This transformation took me 6 hours? I first cut about 1 inch from the bottom and layered the whole head with a sharp angle to create shorter to longer layers. Then I lightened the whole head by taking thicker and thinner strands of hair in foils to create the balayage dimensions effect.”

The women who come to Martin have never been happier with the result. They’re delighted to be able to gain the opportunity to show the world the hair God gave them.

There’s a reason thousands of people like Martin’s work online – and are willing to travel across the country to visit his salon.

Martin wrote on Instagram, “When the blending is seamless. Matching the pattern of the natural regrow is very important for blending the hair color, but don’t be afraid to add extra wider silver strands to make the hair more glamorous. We don’t want our ladies to look like just a grey hair growing out.”

What do you think about these women embracing their natural gray hair?

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