House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines last year when she dramatically ripped up former President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Now, Pelosi is talking about her reason for tearing up Trump’s words and admits that she did it because Trump had promised an announcement on healthcare or the opioid crisis but decided to speak about radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh instead, awarding the conservative hero the Presidential Medal of Freedom instead of addressing the healthcare crisis in America.

Pelosi was seated behind Trump next to former Vice President Mike Pence while the cameras recorded everything she and the others did during the speech. Pelosi forgot to bring a pen with her to her seat, so she decided to make small tears in the pages of Trump’s speech for each “lie” the president uttered to the nation.

This juicy information about Pelosi’s response to Trump’s speech was made public after Daily Mail obtained excerpts from the new book about Pelosi Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power by Susan Page.

Trump spoke to the joint session of Congress on February 4, 2020 – before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Pelosi had been told by Trump aides that the then-president would be making a monumental announcement about healthcare or the opioid crisis that continues to kill thousands of Americans across the country.

Pelosi even mentioned the healthcare announcement to Pence, who said: “Oh, you’re going to be very happy about what he says tonight.”

Instead, Page’s book reports that Pelosi was shocked that Trump failed to follow through with his promise. Trump ridiculed the so-called “socialist” Medicare-for-all proposals put forward by Senator Bernie Sanders. Trump even took credit for fixing the opioid crisis, although 2020 would go on to have more accidental overdoses than any year in recent memory.

Pelosi was shocked that Trump decided to award right-wing radio host Limbaugh with the nation’s highest civilian honor instead of addressing the healthcare crisis that had America in its grip.

“She felt her temperature rising,” Page described.

Pelosi began to realize that Trump was not planning to follow through with his promise to her as she scanned through his speech.

“I thought, ‘This page is so full of lies, I want to be able to come back to it,’” the House speaker told Page.

However, Pelosi had forgotten her pen.

“I should have probably had a pen in the drawer, but I didn’t have a pen right there,” Pelosi recalled. That’s when she started tearing up the speech to mark where Trump had inserted lies.

“She made a little tear in the next page to mark another assertion she saw as untrue. And the next. By the time he was halfway through the speech, it had occurred to her that she might just as well tear the whole thing in half, but she wasn’t ready to decide that yet,” Page wrote.

In the end, Pelosi tore apart the pages. Pence pretended that he did not notice.

Pelosi admitted that she was shocked by how many lies Trump spoke during the holy State of the Union.

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