Back in the 1990s, every young girl had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The young heartthrob starred on Home Improvement alongside Tim Allen and others. Since his years of fame, Thomas has taken a step back from the spotlight. And during the last decade, he has been a recluse. Paparazzi and reporters have not heard or seen Thomas in eight years – until now, and you’re going to be surprised by how he looks in 2021.

Thomas is now thirty-nine. He was spotted wearing a New York Mets baseball cap while out for a walk with his dogs. He was last pictured during one of his rare public outings back in 2013. He did make a guest appearance with Tim Allen on Last Man Standing in 2015, which was the last time he worked in showbusiness that the media is aware of.

In 2013, he conducted an interview with People magazine and explained why he had decided to step away from fame and pursue a calmer and easier existence.

“I’d been going nonstop since I was eight years old. I wanted to go to school, to travel and have a bit of a break.”

During his ten-year break following his years as a child star, Thomas took a break to pursue his education. He took courses at both Harvard University and Columbia College. He also traveled abroad and studied at the esteemed St. Andrew’s University in Scotland.

He was happy to be working alongside people his own age instead of being stuck in the Los Angeles acting grind day in and day out.

“To sit in a big library amongst books and students, that was pretty cool. It was a novel experience for me.”

In addition to his work on Home Improvement, Thomas also voiced young Simba in Disney’s Lion King.

Because he has maintained his privacy since his years as a child star, Thomas’s personal situation is unknown. The media does not know if he has married or if he has children.

Daily Mail ran a report on the JTT sighting, and hundreds of people shared their comments.

“He worked insanely hard as a kid: so many sitcoms and movies under his belt, and he seems to have turned out semi-normal. Leave him be!”

“He doesn’t need to work. He made a fortune on a hit show and getting residuals.”

“He hasn’t been seen in public for years…. maybe he could give Harry and Meghan some tips on how to live a private life.”

Some people thought the media should respect his desire for privacy.

“If he hasn’t been seen in 8 years, then why would you take a pic of him and post it here? Leave him alone! He wants his privacy.”

“He’s not trying to be a celebrity now. Why post pictures of him walking his dog?”

“Leave him alone. He’s not hurting anyone.”

“Has it ever occurred to the people taking these photos that he wants privacy?”

“Good for him. If he stepped back from the business – leave him alone. Let him enjoy walk and time with his pups.”

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