For ten years, Mariia Bilenka, 23, from Kyiv, Ukraine, suffered from unending acne breakouts. The young graduate tried every medically-available treatment she could to cure her debilitating acne. No dermatologist-recommended treatment worked, even when she was prescribed various skin cleansers and lotions. However, she changed her diet in early 2020 and quickly saw the results in the quality of her skin and now wants the world to know about her miracle cure.

Bilenka cured her acne by cutting chocolate bars and sweets out of her diet. Within a matter of days, her skin was clearing up, and months into the process, she looked like a whole new person. Now, she wants the world to know that by cutting sweets and sugar out of her diet, she was able to transform the way her skin now appears.

Because she was dealing with stress and teenage hormones, she sought sanctuary in a bar of chocolate every day. However, she now knows that her addiction to sugary sweets was what was causing her acne breakouts in the first place.

“Suffering from acne for ten years has caused me many problems throughout my life. My self-esteem was extremely low, and I had no confidence in myself at all,” the young woman said to Daily Mail.

Throughout her childhood, Bilenka had a sweet tooth. She always consumed more sweets than was recommended. But as she dealt with the stresses and influx of hormones during her teenage years, she started eating a bar of chocolate daily. It helped her cope with stress but made her skin break out like no one’s business!

Throughout her teenage years, Bilenka’s acne flare-ups were intense. Because they affected how she looked, her acne flare-ups only added more stress to her life. This meant that she ate more chocolate and sweets to cope with it. But, as she found out recently, sugary sweets were worsening her skin condition in the first place.

She said: “When I started on a bar of chocolate or a packet of cookies, I could not just have a little bit or one or two cookies. I would have to eat the whole packet until it was gone. I would do the same every day, and it really started to affect my skin.”

Her acne flare-ups got so bad that sometimes they could cover both cheeks and spread down to her neck and up to her forehead.

“I missed out on a lot while I was growing up because of how bad my acne got. I always missed lessons at school; I did not go to the gym or my dance classes. I never tried the activities that I wanted to do, and I did not go out with my friends.”

She added, “I would always think that everyone was judging me by my skin condition, and I was paranoid at school that everyone was gossiping about my skin. I had no confidence, especially when it came to boys and relationships. I thought that no one would like me.”

Since quitting sweets, Bilenka’s results have been “significant” for her.

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