Should parents throw monumental birthday parties for their young children? Many people feel that lavish birthday parties are a great way to celebrate life and bring families together for a special occasion. However, the children who are being celebrated at these parties may never remember the occasion, depending on their age. Now, one couple from Australia is getting heavily criticized after they threw a lavish wedding-like party to celebrate the birthday of their one-year-old daughter.

Many critics said it was a waste of money for the couple to throw an extravagant party to celebrate the first birthday of their daughter, Kaira. However, the parents felt that the occasion was special and wanted to make it memorable for the entire family as well as for themselves – even if their baby daughter would never remember the bash except through images and videos.

For Kaira’s birthday, the parents installed lavish balloon arches, hired professional belly dancers, and bought a mini car for the toddler to drive around the party in. The Australian couple also hired a professional to do pyrotechnics as well as numerous other performers to make the first birthday as special as can be.

Guests at the party were treated to a massive spread of food. They also got to dive into a three-tiered cake made by a professional baker. There were also a luxurious flower display, sparklers for the guests to burn, and performances from belly dancers as well as a photo booth for guests to make memories by taking photos for fun.

In addition, the parents wore wedding-like outfits. The baby girl’s mother wore a white, floor-length gown that was inspired by a wedding dress. The father wore a three-piece suit to ring on the special occasion of his daughter’s first birthday.

However, critics feel that the party, which was thrown in Sydney, Australia, was “too much” for a one-year-old baby. Some critics even went so far as to accuse the parents of “making the party about themselves” instead of doing what was best for their little girl, Kaira.

The party was planned by Paradiso Receptions, which is primarily a party company that plans and caters to weddings. Nevertheless, they made the first birthday party as special as it could be. The party planners shared a video of the special first birthday to their TikTok account. Many people reacted to the video with vitriol because they felt it was too extravagant for a one-year-old.

“At this point, it’s your birthday,” one person wrote.

Another critic added, “This is ten times bigger than my wedding will be.”

A third person wrote a comment that said, “This isn’t a birthday; it’s a whole wedding.”

While there were plenty of critics willing to share their views on TikTok, there were also a lot of people who were supportive of the parents for throwing a lavish party for their baby daughter.

“It’s their first child probably, and they’re really excited she’s growing up and want to give her a good childhood,” said one fan of the party.

Another person simply wrote, “Wow, to be rich.”

Another person had a similar sentiment, “If I was this rich, I’d so make their special days like this.”

“I’m glad she has parents like you guys. Hopefully, she will grow with good health and wealth. May she be as blessed as you are,” wrote another supporter.