People lose things every day. But when someone was separated from 770 pounds of high-grade marijuana, the police rushed in to help. Now a sheriff’s office in Florida is working hard to try to reunite the lost marijuana with its rightful owner. Sheriff Wayne Ivey turned to Facebook to explain the situation to the people of his county and to urge the “rightful owner” of the lost marijuana to step forward so they could be rewarded with a “staycation” in one of the county’s jail cells.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook asking for the owner of the drugs to come forward and claim their prize.

“If you happened to have lost or misplaced approximately 770 pounds of high-grade marijuana and would like to have your property returned, please contact our Narcotics Agents, and we will be more than happy to reunite you with your lost property!!

“All of us at one point or another in our lives have lost or misplaced something important and are always hopeful that a good and kind person will find our lost item and do the right thing by returning it to its rightful owner.

“Since at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office we always strive to do the right thing, our Narcotics Agents are trying to identify the rightful owner of the approximately 770 lbs of marijuana that was seized from a mini-storage facility in Viera. I mean, trying to identify the rightful owner of the property is the very least we can do, especially since it has a street value of roughly two million dollars!!

“So if the 770 lbs. of marijuana belongs to you, all we need you to do is come down to our Criminal Investigative Services building on Gus Hipp Blvd in Rockledge and claim your property with absolutely no strings attached!!  Once we properly identify you as the rightful owner, we will gladly return your property and also make sure that both you and your property are kept in a secure area so that no one can try to rip you off!!

“In fact, we are so excited to return something this valuable to its rightful owner that we are also going to throw in an all-expenses-paid extensive “staycation” so that you can reflect for a while on exactly how much your lost property means to you!!”

The post ends with a message encouraging anyone who has lost or misplaced 770 pounds worth of marijuana to get in touch. If the person missed the sheriff’s tongue-in-cheek message, they might actually come down to the station to get reunited with their large stash of drugs. Unfortunately for them, they would be leaving in handcuffs.

Thousands of people responded to the sheriff’s Facebook post in the comments. The following were some thoughts shared by people across the country.

“Mom! The sheriff’s department is out here stealing grandma’s plants again.”

“Instead of incinerating this stolen property, you should auction it to a medical dispensary so they can analyze and ensure quality. Then, have government grants in place to allow them to GIVE it away to those who could benefit from it.”

“It’s too bad it can’t be donated. Many people in this county need it for cancer, seizures, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, & pain. Non-addictive, harmless, effective plant.”

Do you think the “rightful owner” will try to claim the drugs?

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