A Canadian porch pirate learned the definition of karma when his car failed him while trying to escape his latest crime scene. Porch pirates prefer to think of themselves as a different type of criminal – one that does not cause so much harm to society. But they are wrong. These thieves are as nefarious as burglars who break into homes to steal property from hardworking people – only they grab and go, so they are less likely to get caught than someone who breaks into a property.

As more people turn to online ordering to fill their needs amid the coronavirus pandemic, porch pirates have become even more active. These pirates need to beware while trying to rob homeowners of their packages because more people are at home amid the pandemic. This means these thieves have to watch out as people might be more likely to catch them in the act.

The incident caught on camera (video below) was committed in Ontario, Canada. The porch pirate was caught on camera running up to the porch to steal from the homeowner only to rush back to his vehicle and try to flee the scene. However, this porch pirate failed to escape the scene of the crime because his vehicle got caught in a snowbank almost immediately.

Before the porch pirate gets stuck in the snow, the homeowner had already confronted him. The resident ran out of the home as the man was rushing back to his car with the stolen goods. The thief had his car parked in the victim’s driveway.

“That’s dumb, you’re dumb!” the homeowner shouted at the porch pirate.

Because adrenaline was pumping as the thief was trying to escape the property, he rushed his exit and failed to notice the large hunk of snow near the driveway. The thief tried to back away and ran right into the snowbank, getting his car stuck.

The porch pirate was driving a Toyota Yaris. This front-wheel-drive car is not equipped for the snow of Ontario.

Before long, Peel Police Officer showed up to arrest the porch pirate. The armed officers ordered the thief out of his vehicle and cuffed him. The crooked was identified as a 33-year-old Brampton man. He faces charges of fraud and theft.

Anyone who has been robbed by a porch pirate will find solace in this man experiencing instant karma. Because the man was brought to justice immediately, victims of porch piracy will delight in this short surveillance clip from Ontario.

Viewers like you shared hundreds of comments on YouTube.

“This feels Canadian on so many levels. The thief is wearing a mask to slow the spread of the pandemic. The victim is offering advice and lending him a shovel.”

“This might be the video of the year already.  This video catches the guy in the act, shows him making a ridiculous blunder, has him periodically begging, has the homeowner giving hilarious advice to him, and then we even get to see justice served at the end. This is a very rare video.”

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