Lauri Peterson, a former star of the reality TV series “Real Housewives of Orange County,” is facing profound grief following the tragic death of her son, Josh Waring. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she shared the devastating news alongside cherished memories and reflections on his life.

Josh, only 35 years old, passed away on Easter Sunday, leaving behind a legacy of passion and love. While Lauri did not explicitly disclose the cause of his death, she acknowledged his long-standing battle with substance abuse disorder. Expressing gratitude to those who supported her during this challenging journey, she highlighted the importance of sharing stories and offering encouragement to individuals grappling with similar struggles.

Reflecting on Josh’s life, Lauri painted a picture of a vibrant individual filled with intellect, humor, and a zest for adventure. From childhood to adulthood, Josh embraced life wholeheartedly, finding joy in snowboarding, athletics, and his profound love for music. Despite facing hardships, he maintained his sense of humor, optimism, and unwavering kindness towards others.

The loss of her son has left Lauri with a shattered heart, a pain she describes as indescribable and all-consuming. In a poignant message to Josh, she expressed her eternal love and the profound impact he had on her life. She pledged to cherish his memory and find solace in the belief that he has found peace and freedom in the afterlife.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Josh’s death have brought further anguish to Lauri and her family. According to police reports obtained by TMZ, Josh’s death is suspected to be a result of a drug overdose. Authorities discovered his lifeless body in a motel room in Orange County after he failed to check out on time. While foul play is not suspected, investigators are awaiting toxicology reports to confirm the cause of death.

Josh’s struggles with substance abuse have been a source of anguish for Lauri, prompting her to step away from the spotlight and prioritize her family’s well-being. In 2016, she candidly discussed his challenges, including a time when he faced legal trouble, charged with murder.

Lauri’s heartbreaking loss serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of addiction and the importance of supporting individuals and families affected by it. As she navigates this unimaginable pain, she remains steadfast in her love for her son, honoring his memory and advocating for greater awareness and understanding of substance abuse disorders.