Bartenders have to be able to deal with a lot of different types of personalities if they hope to succeed in their jobs. One bartender at Deep Ellum’s High and Tight Barbershop lost his chance to shuck liquor and beer to customers after he lost his temper and punched a Dallas woman in the face. The attack was caught on video and Austin Shuffield, the former bartender, not only lost his job – but he has been charged with assault.

The violent bartender was smacked with the charge of assault causing bodily injury and interfering with an emergency call. Not only did Shuffield target a woman for his assault, he allegedly made it difficult for her to get the emergency services she needed after dealing with his assault.

In the video, police say that Shuffield repeatedly beats his victim in the face with his fist while he keeps a gun holstered on his hip for “protection.” Police report that Shuffield lost control of himself after he confronted the woman about how she parked her car.

Since the incident, customers have been boycotting the High & Tight Barbershop. That’s why the establishment wanted to get out in front of the controversy by publishing a statement on Facebook concerning Shuffield’s horrible behavior and criminal activity while on the job.

The bar fired Shuffield after they spoke with police.

“We do not stand behind the actions that took place and hope that the full weight of the law comes down on this incident,” the post reads. “We have tried to approach this situation the best as we possibly can.”

Because of what happened, High & Tight Barbershop is getting slammed online. They hired Shuffield, a gun-toting violent man, and customers are making sure the bar pays the price. Many one-star reviews are being posted online that say how the shop hires “racist women abusers.”

When the video was made public, social activists started to speak out. Because Shuffield was beating up a black woman, people noticed that race had to do with the incident.

In response to his assault charge and allegations of white supremacist beliefs, Shuffield’s personal Facebook profile has been inundated with comments and messages calling him a “woman beater” and other racial content. Some people are even telling Shuffield what they hope happens to him in jail.

Meanwhile, the victim said that she parked in the wrong area as a “simple mistake.” She had dropped a friend off at the Deep Ellum Hostel and accidentally drove the wrong way when Shuffield came over with his gun and started throwing punches.

The victim talked to WFAA about what Shuffield did to her.

“Watching that video literally makes me cry. All I could do was try and protect myself,” she told the TV station. “He literally sat there and beat me like a man.”

Now activists are demanding that Dallas police charge Shuffield with a hate crime for his crime.

What do you think about the facts of this situation? Should Shuffield get more than a misdemeanor for the brutal assault?