It hasn’t even been a year since Sharon Osbourne abandoned her post on “The Talk” after she spoke out against Meghan Markle by defending her friend Piers Morgan. Morgan, a former British anchor and talking head, was accused of making racist comments regarding Markle’s position in the British Royal Family and lost his job as a result. Now Osbourne is breaking her silence and has made it clear, in an interview with Daily Mail TV, that she will never return to television because cancel culture is made it “not a safe place to be.”

“Right now, it’s not a safe place to be. Because the slightest thing, the slightest word, and you’ve pissed off half the nation,” she said in a clip obtained by Fox News. “I don’t want to put myself up for that grief; I really don’t.”

Sharon Osbourne claims she has been “blacklisted” and got the message that speaking her mind may cost her career. Sharon also noted how much things have changed, saying: “You can’t say anything anymore without people wanting to cancel you because of your political beliefs or what you want to do with their family.”

Sharon said regardless if she was right or wrong, she would have been punished by the public and fired.

Sharon added: “You’re not even allowed to say what you really think anymore.”

She believes it is a very dangerous place to be in because nobody knows who they may offend next, and there’s no freedom of speech at all. Sharon said that when she was growing up, there were no rules and that you could say whatever the hell you wanted to. Sharon said: “You couldn’t do a talk show today unless it’s by invitation only.”

Sharon continued: “I don’t want to name names, but a lot of people thought they were going to get away with it… there is no way I could return now.” Sharon added how she was worried about the safety and security of her family and that she didn’t want to get into any more trouble. “I will never be on television ever again.”

Sharon Osbourne is very happy with the way things are now because it’s a lot easier for women in general, but she still doesn’t have much time for TV these days. Sharon is still very busy with her family and “The Talk,” but she’s currently keeping herself occupied by reading scripts for movies and TV shows, which has been a lot of fun so far.

“I’m not actually looking at returning to television any time soon.”

Sharon Osbourne insists that nothing will change her mind. Sharon is enjoying what she’s doing now, and it doesn’t sound like she wants to go back on TV anytime soon. Sharon Osbourne claims there are more producers willing to listen than ever before.

“I’m really happy with that because I still think I’m pretty good at it. You can’t say anything anymore without people wanting to cancel you because of your political beliefs or what you want to do with their family.”

“It was a freedom of speech matter. It was pure freedom of speech,” Osbourne told Daily Mail. “A journalist friend of mine who wrote something that people didn’t like and then a few crazies out there, some thugs go -‘you must be racist, that’s why you’re saying it’ – about my friend Piers. It’s like, come on.”