When Melissa Ohden entered the world in 1977, the doctors tossed her premature body into the toxic waste bin. But now, Melissa from Missouri is able to come forward and share how her mother’s failed abortion gave her the life she always dreamed of having. Now, the mother of the abortion survivor is coming forward to speak about how she felt the moment she learned that her biological daughter had survived the botched abortion attempt thirty-six-years ago.

Ever since Melissa contacted her biological mother, the two have been best friends. But for thirty-six years, the mother of the abortion survivor did not know that she had a daughter. That’s because the abortion was performed by the pregnant woman’s own mother, who was a nurse, but it didn’t work as planned.

Melissa was born at just 2 pounds and 14 ounces. And because she was the byproduct of a failed abortion attempt at a hospital in Iowa, she was discarded into the toxic waste bin like a bunch of garbage. But the story starts off even grimmer.

Ruth, the mother of Melissa, was forced to undergo an abortion by her controlling mother, who happened to be a nurse at the hospital. Because Ruth’s mother was overbearing, she forced her daughter to terminate the pregnancy and “forget” about the baby. For thirty-six-years, Ruth lived in turmoil, not knowing what could have been if she had not let her mother force her to get an abortion.

Over a five-day period, Ruth’s mother force-fed Ruth, a toxic saline solution that was supposed to induce abortion. She was already eight months pregnant at the time. Ruth left the hospital, assuming that the deed had been done. Little did she know that her mother was a quack of a nurse and had not terminated the pregnancy as planned.

Another nurse heard “weak cries” from the toxic waste bin and rescued Melissa. However, the shift supervisor, who happened to be Ruth’s mother, advised the other nurse to “leave the baby in the room to die.” But this was not an order the other nurse was willing to accept. She defied the overbearing woman and rescued Melissa.

Although the grandmother knew that Melissa was alive the whole time, she never told Ruth the truth. For thirty-six-years, Ruth thought that she had successfully completed the abortion.

“The day I heard that Melissa had survived the abortion my mother had performed on me was a Sunday in August 2007,” Ruth said. “My twin sister Mary called in the afternoon. I could tell it was going to be a serious conversation, so I went to the bedroom. Mary told me that the child I had was alive. My first thought was: what a cruel joke to play on your twin sister.”

Ruth and Melissa now share a close friendship.

“One of the best aspects of getting to know Melissa is discovering all the things we have in common,” Ruth said. “Comparing physical similarities was fun the first day we met – Melissa inherited some striking and beautiful features from her biological father, but I think we have the same nose and a similar shape to our smiles.”

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