My wife is a talented home baker. While I love watching her work on her latest creation, I love getting to taste it when it’s done even more. Alice Munro, 52, is a talented home baker who decided to create a twist on a common barbeque item – chicken. However, one look at this dish might turn your stomach because this creative grandmother created a dessert item that looks just like raw chicken breasts.

If you don’t usually eat raw chicken, Alice Munro’s recipe will make you reconsider. Why? Because she isn’t serving real raw chicken. The items featured in these photos are actually sponge cakes that she made to resemble raw chicken. Why exactly does she want to turn the stomachs of her guests with this weird cake design? We may never know the answer to that; however, it goes without saying that it requires a ton of talent to be able to create a CAKE that looks just like a pair of raw chicken breasts, shine, tendons, fat, and all.

As a grandmother of ten, Alice Munro (above) must constantly try something new to keep her easily bored grandchildren entertained. She spends a lot of her free time browsing YouTube and Facebook for the latest baking craze to try. And by layering the vanilla cake, the woman from Tasmania was able to make it appear identical to raw chicken that you might toss on the hot grill.

Although it was not easy to create this raw chicken dessert, Munro managed to make it happen with a cheap store-bought cake mix, chocolate chips, cream, orange, yellow, and red food coloring, as well as glucose and vodka to make it look like the store-bought poultry cut.

Munro got the idea to create the raw chicken cake after watching a video from Ben Cullen, who prefers to be called The Bake King. He’s internet famous for making cakes that look like real objects.

“I saw these chicken breasts and thought ‘I’ve got to do this.’ It looks so cool,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

She baked the cakes and then got to work, shaping them into raw chicken breasts.

“I just had to shape them, and cut layers into the sponge,” she said.

With about $10, some leftovers, and one and a half hours of work, she created the surprising dessert item.

“I just had leftover ganache from an avocado cake I made the day before. I rolled out white fondant, used a bit of yellow and orange colorings to create that marble, and used an airbrush to create the bloody skin look,” she explained. “I used a bit of the white fondant to make the fatty bits. To create that shiny look, I mixed a little bit of glucose and a little bit of vodka and used a brush to paint over the fondant.”

A few months ago, Munro wowed her fans on social media when she created another chicken dessert. This time it was a KFC meal where everything was cake except for the fries’ container and the Pepsi label.

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