Every day for two years, Demi-Nicole Dunlop abused crack cocaine and heroin. As a drug addict, her appearance soured. The 27-year-old addict from Fochabers, Scotland, damaged her body, again and again, day after day, by flooding her body with heroin and crack cocaine. Because of her bad habit, her skin suffered flare-ups and was covered with acne, rashes, and scabs – and lost a lot of weight due to her focus on drug consumption rather than food and beverages.

However, Dunlop was able to seek intervention. She entered a drug rehabilitation program. Now that the student has left the program, which took just four months, she looks like a totally new person. Now that she is clean and off drugs, she looks like she could be on a reality show where attractiveness is the sole requirement.

Now, Dunlop has revealed her body’s transformation. She went from looking like a drug addict to a beauty queen in just a few short months thanks to her time in the drug rehabilitation program.

“I’ve now been entirely clean of both crack cocaine and heroin for four months,” she wrote. “That’s entirely clean. After being an addict for two years, every single day. It took me a very long time to feel I’m worthy, I’ve done well and feel proud of how far I’ve come.”

Dunlop has been so proud of her transformation that she has shared her updates with her family and friends on social media.

“But that’s only because of the incredible support of you all. I’ll forever be grateful for that. The reasoning behind me sharing these graphic photos again of the before, during, and after addiction is to now be shared, far, and wide. If you’re reading this and you’re in mid-addiction, and you feel you will never get out of that dark, scary, black, horrible daily cycle of addiction, that black hole, then you can. Please, please believe me. I had a large scale habit, and I thought there was never gonna be a light at the end of the tunnel, and I found it. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t a walk in the park, and it most certainly has been far from pleasant.”

She added, “But please be reassured by me that you can, and you will become free of that dark black hole of addiction. I know that feeling of thinking it’s impossible. I’m an example of it being possible. I was absolutely terrified initially of making my story public as most of you are aware, but I’m very lucky in the aspect of having such great support and positive feedback, and so will you.”

She wants more people to know about her story, so they can draw inspiration from how she transformed herself from a drug-addict to a healthy young woman.

“Please feel free – I’ve made this post public – to share my story! ‘If this is able to help somebody else and give them the drive and reassurance things can change, then I’d be thrilled.”

What do you think about her transformation?

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