In a viral TikTok video from actor Spencer Pratt, he revealed which celebrity is “one of the worst humans I’ve come in contact with” during his entire career. Who could this horrible person be? Well, according to Pratt, the bad apple is none other than Friends superstar Lisa Kudrow. The viral TikTok video from Pratt, a popular reality television star, did not mention Kudrow by name but referred to the rich actress as “Phoebe from Friends” and claimed that she was the rudest celebrity that he had ever met “by far.”

Others agreed with Pratt’s assessment. In the comments, which were filled up with lots of thoughts from people all over the globe, Bethenny Frankel wrote a comment that stated, “That’s crazy. She was on my talk show, and I had a crazy experience also.”

Although Pratt made it very clear that he did not have a good interaction with Kudrow when he got a chance to meet her, he did not elaborate. Perhaps a future video on the Chinese-owned social media platform will inform fans why Kudrow is the rudest celebrity that he has ever met. We’re all sure there must be an interesting story in there somewhere.

Pratt rose to fame thanks to the Bravo network. He engages his fans on TikTok, where he shares funny videos like this one in which he reacts to Lisa Kudrow’s past behavior.

The Bravo star made a loose promise to his TikTok followers that he might “think about telling the story” of Lisa Kudrow’s rude behavior if his video received more than one million views from people across the globe. There are already some people watching Pratt’s video multiple times to rack up the views and get it closer to one million, so they can get the dirt on Kudrow.

Some fans came to Kudrow’s defense, insisting that they must have been having a bad day when she met Pratt. However, the Bravo star made it clear that she most certainly committed a “targeted attack” against him during their interaction, regardless of how brief it was.

Following the viral sensation of Pratt’s video, Frankel came forward to share more videos about her connection to Kudrow. She told fans in her Instagram Story on Saturday that she did not hold anything against Kudrow and that they shared an interaction that was nothing short of a “unique, quote un-quote crazy experience.”

Frankel added that the Friends star “could be the best person in the world. I just had a crazy experience, so calm down.”

On Daily Mail, people shared more than a thousand comments about Pratt’s video. Some people felt that he was not one who should be talking about unlikable celebrities.

“Coming from one of the least likable people in the world.”

“Everyone guessed that she’s a bit of a lunatic. Not an important fact in our lives…”

“Pratt. It is literally his last name. Good one, universe.”

“His ONLY claim to fame is appearing on numerous Big Brother shows and marrying Montag.”

What do you think about Lisa Kudrow?