Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving staple. But it might be the one thing your guests could do without. If you’re not making your cranberry sauce from scratch, you actually might be “insulting” your guests’ taste buds. According to Instacart’s Turkey Day Exposé, about half of Americans surveyed admitted to hating canned cranberry sauce – so you’d better ditch the menu item or commit to making it from scratch for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

If the Instacart survey found out anything definitive, it was that a large amount of Americans despise canned cranberry sauce. “Nearly half of Americans (46%) say canned cranberry sauce is ‘disgusting,’” the survey found. “While people might hate it, Instacart customers bought 50% more canned cranberry sauce than fresh cranberries last Thanksgiving. 31% of Americans serve their canned cranberry sauce in the shape of the tin can (as opposed to mashing it up) on Thanksgiving.”

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for Americans because it affords family and friends a chance to gather around a table and devour a delicious feast. While most people love getting together to dine in thanks for each other, not everyone is in agreement with the menu options at the table.

The Instacart survey found that there was a breakdown for whether or not people wanted to host Thanksgiving.

“Eighty percent of adults in the U.S. have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, and among those who have, 21% admit that they have pretended to enjoy it. Additionally, 17% of those who have hosted say they have regretted offering to host… Of those who have hosted, 74% needed to go to the grocery store two or more times to get all of the necessary ingredients… 59% of Americans say they would prefer to host Thanksgiving dinner so they can make the dishes they like.”

The Instacart survey also found an interesting trend regarding Cheez Whiz. Apparently, the artificial substance is a big hit around the United States during the Thanksgiving meal.

“Are ‘cheese-like’ substances part of your Turkey Day menu?” the survey asked. “While it may not be the first Thanksgiving food that comes to mind, Instacart’s yearly sales data revealed that people buy more Cheez Whiz in the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving than any other time of year. Last year, we tracked a 158% increase in Cheez Whiz sales in the three weeks before Thanksgiving. Compare that to a 126% increase before Christmas, our runner up period for Cheez Whiz sales.”

With sales like that on Cheez Whiz and other “cheese-like” substances, it goes without saying that these items will sell better than usual around the holiday season.

American culture dictates that some menu items appear at every traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, not everyone is on board with these traditions. According to the survey results, nearly one in two people are unhappy with canned cranberry sauce; yet, it remains a popular grocery item come Thanksgiving. Are people feeding their guests this detested item simply because it is “expected” on the Thanksgiving table?

What do you think about putting canned cranberry sauce on the table for Thanksgiving?

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