A shocking video recorded on a beach near San Diego, California, caught the horrifying moment a little girl assaulted a sleeping sea lion. In the video, you can clearly see the little girl throwing sand and rocks at the resting sea lion while her mother watches and does nothing to intervene. The video was recorded near La Jolla Cover and was uploaded to TikTok, the Chinese-created social media app, where it has since received more than two million views and counting.

After the little girl assaulted the sleeping sea lion, a lifeguard ordered the girl off the beach for bothering the resting mammal. The video recorded the little girl throwing multiple hard objects at the sleeping animal before the lifeguard was able to approach her and tell her to leave the beach immediately for violating the animal policy.

The little girl was hurling objects at the sleeping sea lion in front of other people, including one woman who was thought to be the little girl’s mother. The lifeguard became furious with the little girl’s behavior and used the loudspeaker to notify her that she was no longer welcome at the San Diego beach.

“Little girl in the purple, you can leave now, thanks,” the lifeguard said over the loudspeaker.

Meanwhile, the beach was crowded with other people who were also intrigued by the sleeping animal. These other people, however, were able to keep their distance and refrain from throwing rocks and other hard objects at the sleeping mammal.

When the video went viral on TikTok, a lot of people applauded the lifeguard for taking action and booting the little girl from the beach. It would have been much worse if the little girl had been allowed to stay where she was and continue to assault the sleeping animal while it was just trying to get some beauty rest.

The viral TikTok video may only have been eight seconds long, but it quickly caught the attention of animal lovers everywhere when it was uploaded to the Chinese social media platform on February 27, 2023. The video included the message, “The little girl had thrown rocks/sand like two more times before this announcement.”

Before the lifeguard’s voice can be heard over the beach’s loudspeaker system, the little girl throws something at the animal. The sea lion moves its head as the little girl jumps backward. The critter was clearly disturbed by the stuff she was throwing at it while it was just trying to get some rest in its natural habitat.

Comments included the following.


“Thank you for the person on the loud speaker,” another added.

“Lifeguard was like not today on my shift,” wrote another.

Other people requested more video footage so they could see the little girl’s reaction to getting kicked off the San Deigo beach.

“Is there more footage so I can see them leaving with the little girl in purple in tears?” joked a TikTok user.