When Nathaniel appeared on the season premiere of My Strange Addiction, he told the world about his love affair with his red car. The young man broke the news to the world back in 2012 when he explained how he has sex with his 1990s Chevy Monte Carlo. Sexual attraction to mechanical objects like airplanes, bicycles, and automobiles is called mechanophilia in the psychology community, and Nathaniel is the poster child of the phrase.

While on the program, Nathaniel admitted that he had experienced sexual attraction to cars since he was a young chap. And now he has to be very careful about when he has sex with his car. In some places, mechanophilia is a crime and is considered a misdemeanor in some parts of the world – where it is more common than you’d think. If caught or committed in public, the offender could land on a sex-offender list and be monitored as a criminal sex addict for the rest of their life.

However, Nathaniel doesn’t care if he gets caught making love to his Chevy Monte Carlo. In truth, he wants the world to know about his love for his vehicle. On the TLC program, he even deeply kissed the red car to show viewers how far he was willing to go to get down and dirty with his car.

Nathaniel named his automobile lover Chase. He first came across his lover in a used automobile lot where he bought it about five years before the episode aired. One of the reasons he was so attracted to the older model was because it was an “age-appropriate” car. The vehicle was 24-years-old while Nathaniel was just 27-years-old. This three-year age difference made it easier for Nathaniel to feel sexual attraction for the vehicle since it was not underage.

If you happen to be in Royal, Arkansas, you might spot Nathaniel getting it on with his red car. On the TLC program, he admitted that he has a “serious relationship” with his car and that he hopes his passion for the ride will never die.

Besides his love-making sessions with the vehicle, Nathaniel also speaks to it as though it were a tender lover. He wants the vehicle to know that he is in a committed relationship with it and that he will never leave it.

“It was love at first sight,” Nathaniel said of meeting Chase at a resale lot five years prior to the episode filming. “His body, his interior, everything together just seemed to fit. I just felt an instant connection.”

Although Nathaniel was always passionate about cars, he did not find love until he met Chase at the lot.

When Chase’s birthday rolls around every year, Nathaniel drives him out to the lookout area for some romance.

While some people think cars are sexy, Nathaniel and Chase prove that romance can be more flexible than most people assume.

So how does sex with a Chevy Monte Carlo work? Nathaniel goes into more detail in the TLC video below.

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