For years, 29-year-old Natasha Crown has been going under the knife for plastic surgery. The Swedish glamor model aims to have the biggest backside in the world. However, Crown has recently come forward to explain how her mission to earn her right to the world record for the largest butt has scared men off. Now, she has appeared on the YouTube show, Hooked on the Look, where she went on a blind date with a potential love interest and had to do everything in her power to win the man’s heart.

Crown, who is from Gothenburg, Sweden, has amassed a large internet following of more than two million people. Despite her popularity and undeniable success, Crown confessed that she has not been lucky in love in recent years. In a shocking revelation, she admitted that she has been single for seven years because men find her extreme body type intimidating.

Natasha said: “My last relationship was seven years ago. I am pretty extreme, so I think people are afraid of me.”

The young influencer doesn’t plan to stop undergoing plastic surgery procedures anytime soon. Instead, she wants to continue going under the knife to expand the size of her backside so she can achieve the world record in that field.

Nevertheless, she believes her body modifications have scared men off.

“It’s scary for men,” she said. “You have my personality, and then you have my body, and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme.”

The young Swedish woman plans to do whatever it takes to achieve the world record for the largest butt.

“I’m going to have the world’s biggest bum. That’s my goal, and I’m going to reach it,” Crown said. “When I was 20-years-old, I did my first surgery, and it was a BBL. I did my last Brazilian butt lift one month ago, and that was fifth. And soon, I will have my sixth.”

Crown has been willing to spend a lot of money on surgeries, so she can get the results she wants.

“I would spend around $150,000 on my surgery,” she said.

During her appearance on the YouTube blind date show, the man she was matched up with was “shocked” by her appearance.

He said: “I’ve never meant a person who is famous for having the biggest butt in the world.”

Unfortunately, the blind date did not end in love. The man saw himself as a small-town boy and Crown as a city girl. They were simply not compatible, and he said they would never be able to work out in love because they’re from “two different worlds.”

She was not dismayed by his lack of interest, and she admitted that she was not interested in a man who couldn’t handle all of her.

She said: “I understand, it’s too much for him, it’s hard to handle all the thickness, all the curves in the right places.”

Do you think Crown will find love?