A young Chicago woman went traveling with her family across the Pacific Ocean to the island of Japan. During her trip abroad, the young woman went missing and could not be found. She had been missing for nearly two weeks when she suddenly appeared and appeared to be completely safe despite having been away from her family for weeks in a foreign country.

Now, the woman’s sister has turned to Facebook to share the positive news that the missing woman from Chicago has been found safe and sound.

“We’re relieved to share that we’ve obtained our beloved daughter, sister, and cousin Kandace Schipper’s location,” the missing woman’s sister, Nicole Willea, wrote Wednesday night on Facebook. “We’re grateful for every email, call, and share and are now focused on bringing her home safely.”

Schipper, 29, had taken a trip across the ocean to Tokyo, Japan, on May 8, 2023. She had been on the island nation for nearly a month and was communicating with her family “every day” until she suddenly went radio silent on June 4, 2023, according to her beloved sister. Willie said that the last her family knew about her whereabouts was on June 5, 2023, when Schipper had been in the Shibuya City area in Tokyo.

Willie and her family were terrified when Schipper suddenly went missing during her trip to Japan. She filed a missing person’s report back home in Chicago. She also reached out to resources in Japan at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. Although they presumably worked hard to locate the missing woman, the authorities in Chicago as well as at the U.S. Embassy, did not provide a comment on their search for Schipper.

As days and days passed, people from across the United States and Japan joined forces in a desperate search for the missing Schipper. There was no word from anyone about her location, and her family had grown very worried and concerned that something really bad had happened to the missing Chicago woman.

“After going through this process, we’re overwhelmed by the kindness of so many strangers. From Chicago to Tokyo, we were met with so much support and eagerness to help us find our loved one and have empathy for anyone seeking missing family members,” Willie said. “It’s a complicated process trying to find information, and it wouldn’t have been possible for us without the generosity of so many.”

Unfortunately, Willea did not provide details about her sister’s reappearance. However, it is now abundantly clear that Schipper is doing all right and was not harmed during her time out of reach from her family. But it remains to be seen whether or not Schipper is harmed or not. It seems like she might have wanted to go missing from her family during her trip to Japan. Maybe they were bothering her too much while she was traveling alone abroad in a foreign country.