Videos of six-month-old Rich waterskiing across Lake Powell in Utah went viral earlier this month. Because of his young age, parents Mindi and Casey Humpherys were hopeful that Rich would break the world record for the youngest person to ever go waterskiing. Video footage shows how Humphreys latched poor Rich’s feet to a special contraption shaped like a special ski board and then forced the child to hold onto a safety railing while the boat pulled him along.

Because Mindi and Casey Humpherys wanted Rich to break the world record, they were willing to put his life in danger. At just six months and four days old, Rich had no idea what he was doing – he could not even stand on his own yet. Nevertheless, his parents wanted him to break the world record while he was still young enough to do so.

After the video of young Rich Humphreys waterskiing went viral, his parents, 33-year-old Mindi and 36-year-old Casey, were accused of “endangering” their infant son in the process. If the world record organization decries Rich’s waterskiing attempt to be legitimate, he would have CRUSHED the world record for the youngest person to go waterskiing by only twenty-three days.

Many people applaud Casey Humphreys and his wife for pushing their six-month-old child to go waterskiing. Others, though, criticize the Utah parents for putting their son’s life in harm’s way for the sake of fleeting fame.

Footage from the record-breaking moment shows Rich strapped to his special waterskiing board. He is wearing an orange life vest that has a special attachment to protect his neck. The baby’s feet are locked into a shackle-like device to keep him stationary on the board while he holds onto a metal safety bar while the boat pulls him along the surface of Lake Powell.

Rich’s mother, Mindi, uploaded the controversial video on the infant’s Instagram page.

“I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently, that’s a big deal…#worldrecord.”

Casey also shared the video on his profile with the caption: “Six months four days. Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud.”

Rich’s fans immediately took notice. They started sharing the video with their family and friends. Before long, Rich had more fans than ever before – but also a growing group of haters who accused his parents of putting his life in danger.

“I hope endangering your child is worth it for the clout!” one person raged on Instagram.

“His poor little joints aren’t even fully developed yet, that’s why he’s not walking yet. If he can’t walk, do you really think this kind of stress is good for his body? Also, look up dry drowning. You are terrible parents.”

Another person added: “Good way to catch child endangerment charges.”

Overall, people accused the parents of “child abuse” and branded them “stupid” and “reckless.”

Another person called the parents “self-absorbed,” writing: “This is what happens when people need attention and bring their newborn into it.”

Do you think the video stunt was okay or was it too risky?

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