Henry Shepherdson had threatened to kill his nine-month-old daughter and her mother before he jumped to his death. Now, the dad from South Australia has done the unthinkable. Henry Shepherdson, 38, strapped his nine-year-old girl, Kobi, to his chest and then jumped to bot their deaths in a murder-suicide. Although the dad frequently posted adorable videos of his daughter to social media, he decided to end both his life and her life in a murder-suicide that authorities have not seen before.

Although Henry Shepherdson looked like the perfect dad on social media, he was actually a big threat to his daughter and her mother. In the months leading up to his suicide, he was in and out of court in Australia for breaching a restraining order and for threatening to murder and endanger a life. However, you’d never suspect Henry of such behavior if you were to judge him based on his social media page. Even the last video he posted of his daughter included the child giggling and laughing as he spoke “baby talk” to the little girl, only to jump to their deaths a short time afterward.

Onlookers watched in horror on Wednesday as Shepherdson killed himself and his helpless daughter. He strapped the infant to himself before he leaped from the Whispering Well dam in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. Bystanders tried to stop him from killing them, but they were unable to stop the motivated man from following through with his deadly plot.

Witnesses desperately tried to revive baby Kobi after the fall. They performed CPR on the baby until emergency services arrived at about 4:30 pm. However, Kobi was declared dead about fifteen minutes later. Shepherdson died on impact following the jump from the dam.

Shepherdson’s final social media video was uploaded in November. In the clip, he spoke with Kobi in baby talk as the little girl laughed along with her father. An open beer bottle was featured in the video background.

“I love you, Kobi,” he told her in the footage. “Yes, I do love you, Kobi bear, you little cutie… You are so adorable, bubba.”

Despite the video where he showered the girl with affection, his true life was much different. Behind his social media accounts, Shepherdson led a life of criminal activity. The 38-year-old father had appeared in court as recently as March 19, 2021, for contravening an intervention order that the court had set.

Three weeks prior to the March court date, he was in court again facing several charges for threatening to kill a spouse or child. Throughout 2020 and 2019, he appeared in court on three separate occasions, including once for violating an intervention order.

Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott confirmed that the jump was being treated as a murder-suicide. Parrott confirmed that Shepherdson was known to the police and had a lengthy history of domestic violence with his family.

“We have been involved in some domestic violence incidents in the past, and there are court orders in place in relation to the family,” Parrott said. “It’s resulted in this absolutely tragic outcome.”

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