Kirstie Jane Bennard did everything in her power to save her two children from the attacking pit bulls. However, the 30-year-old mom was unable to stop the vicious dogs from mauling her two young children to death. As a result, Hollace Dean Bennard, five months old, and his two-year-old sister Lilly Jane Bennard were killed by the attacking family dogs that ravaged their tiny bodies despite mom’s best efforts to stop the attack from unfolding on the Tennessee property.

Although rescue workers arrived at the scene of the dog attack as soon as they could, the two young children were pronounced dead upon arrival, according to reports coming out of Shelby County, Tennessee. The two children were the parents’ only children.

Kirstie was also injured during the attack. She tried to intervene and stop the pair of pit bulls from mauling her two young children. However, the dogs turned on mom as well. She was transported to Regional One Health, where she was listed as being in “critical condition.”

On Thursday, a family friend familiar with the incident said that the distraught mother is “hanging in there,” but they did not comment on her condition any further.

Meanwhile, Bennard’s husband, Colby, was unharmed during the attack. It is not clear if he was home while the babies were being killed by the family’s pit bulls. Colby manages a Harley-Davidson dealership in Memphis, Tennessee.

The local animal control agency has taken away the pit bulls from the household. However, it is unclear if the animals have been euthanized or if they are being housed in a kennel pending an official decision from the government of Tennessee.

Social media experts uncovered an image Colby shared online eight years ago proclaiming that his pair of pit bulls were actually “house lions,” indicating that they were wild and ferocious like the big cat of the African savanna. However, it is not clear whether these “house lions” were the same dogs that brutally killed the couple’s two young children this past week.

Daily Mail has reached out to Colby for comment. However, they reached his father by phone, who declined to offer up any kind of comment on the dog attack that left the two young children died at the scene.

According to reports, the attack occurred around 3:30 pm on Wednesday inside the family’s large $360,000 home in Millington, Tennessee, which is a suburb outside of Memphis. As of right now, authorities have not confirmed what caused the pair of pit bulls to become aggressive and attack the two young children in such a brutal fashion.

As Bennard recovers in the hospital, her best friend, Kelsey Gallini, posted to Facebook asking people to share “prayers,” adding that “everyone in her circle could really use that.”

In a separate post, she wrote, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

What do you think should happen to these pit bulls now that they’ve killed two innocent children?